Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Kara is sooo good to birthday surprise at Mom & Dad's

So my birthday was a few weeks ago but gosh it was a good one! I really was not expecting much considering I was turning 26...really not too much to be excited about, right?! My birthday this year fell on a Thursday but Allen surprised me with the festivities starting off early. On Tuesday night, Allen and some of our most amazing friends, Britt & Brooke surprised me with a wonderful dinner at Caffe Capri. My FAVORITE Italian restaurant in historic downtown Bryan...I was so surprised and it was so great to have a dinner date with the Lloyd's...two people I just adore! THEN Wednesday rolled around and my brother Justin called me and him and Nikki had come into to town to take me to dinner. I do not get to see him or Nikki near as much as I would like so it was great to see them! They took me & Allen to Texas Roadhouse and then to a movie...I can't tell you how much I enjoyed just spending time with them two! FINALLY, Thursday got here and it was my actual birthday!! At work/school, my co-workers threw me a surprise breakfast get together and gave me a very sweet card w/ a gift certificate. It was so sweet and to know and kind of them to make my birthday so special! Allen took me to dinner that night and we had a fabulous dinner/dessert/drinks at Christopher's World Grille- it was just wonderful! Then Saturday evening, Allen and I drove to Mom and Dad's and celebrated with them, Kara, Madyson, & Maddox. Kara set up a surprise thing at Mom's with the help of Madyson & Maddox. Madyson & Maddox did such a good job and were sooo excited to surprise their Nonni and wish her a Happy Birthday! I also got hand-made cards from Aubrey & Shaylee for my birthday, which were perfect and really warmed my heart! I have the most amazing family & friends! My birthday was so much more than I could have ever imagined and just filled w/ wonderful surprises! It is definitely a birthday I will never forget...I honestly didn't want it to end, haha! :)

Momma B got me this awesome sewing table! Thanks Momma B, I love it!

Kara & the kids got me personalized spatulas that say "Let's bake Nonni"
Soooo cute!!

Kool-Aid pencil pounch from Madyson...for my school she says :)

Madyson is looking soo grown up :(

Sisters...I love her!

Best Mom/Mimi ever!!

We love you, Dad/Papa!

I love that man!

Make a WISH!!

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