Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo A Day May {8-15}

I am doing Fat Mum Slim's May photo a day challenge.  Here are days 8 through 15...

Day 8.  a smell you adore

a baby...especially a just bathed baby!

and rain!  which we won't get to smell that often but just so happened that I did on May 8

Day 9.  something you do everyday
 coffee is a must around here!  i recommend a keurig to all new moms, a must have!

Day 10.  favorite word
i would be nothing without God's grace.  But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Day 11.  kitchen

Day 12.  something that makes you happy
red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing.  it's the little things in life!

Day 13.  mum/mom
happy mother's day!  best mom/mimi ever!!

Day 14.  grass

Day 15.  love

a sleeping baby...my sleeping baby, sleeping on my chest.  pure love!

See days 1-7 here! 

PooL PaRtY!! PlaYdatE!

Friday, I hosted a play-date pool party.  There seemed to be somewhat of a baby boom last fall/winter and so Brady has lots of little friends. :)  And since it is insanely hot here, I thought a pool party would be fun!

And fun it was...I served chicken salad sandwiches, a veggie tray, chips and various dips, goldfish crackers, sharkies fruit chews, and fruity pool pebble krispy treats.  We also had a bucket full of drinks and lemonade.  Robyn helped me with some of the food and came early to help with preparations...couldn't have done it without her!

 Grace Marie :)

 Lovin' these sweet babies!!!

Robyn, Grace (8 months), myself, Brady (5 1/2 months), Paige (10months), and Jaime

We also had Matthew who is about a week older than Brady and Tinley who is about 2 weeks younger than Brady, but we didn't get a picture of them :(  I think there was a total of 10 kids plus their mommas and a few daddys to help out with all the kids.  My good friend Pam also came and Stacy with her 2 girls.  Amy is Matthew's momma, who didn't swim but his older brother and sister did.  RJ loved going down the slide, along with Kait.

It was a great way to kick of Memorial day weekend!  I can't wait to do it again with all of Brady's friends! :)  So fun to have such little people same age as Brady!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Two Teeth

It's official!  Brady now has 2 teeth in!  He has had one in for almost 2 weeks now, but this morning I felt the other tooth had finally broken through.  Which might explain his no napping, rather clingy self lately.

So there you have 2 teeth and not even six months old :( makes a sad momma!  I don't want him to grow up or have teeth yet...ha!


Here he was this morning when he got up...poor baby would suck/bite on pacifier then switch out with razberry.  And a dang mosquito bit him below his eye!!

And here he was at lunch today, biting on everything!

Happy Memorial Day!

To Mimi's we shall go...

(5/18)  Last weekend, we went to my parents to see my mom for a late mother's day and so B. could see his mimi and papa.  Who just adore him!
 Happy boy on almost 4 hour drive.  His feet kept him entertained :)

We drove up Friday afternoon and met my parents at a hibachi place for dinner.  Brady's first hibachi dining experience...

I have been wanting to go to IKEA for months now.  My parents live about 40 minutes from one and most weekends we go, we are too busy doing other things to go.  Because let's face it you need all day!  So Saturday, I finally got my chance to go!
AB enjoyed all the couches in the set up living spaces.  AB had never been to IKEA so he decided to go with us and my niece Madyson also came with us.

But first we made a stop by Bass Pro to get B. a life jacket for our family reunion coming up in June.  He wasn't too thrilled with the first one we tried on but the 2nd one (the one below) he liked much better.  He did a little taste test on it too, ha!  Silly boy!
And we made a stop by Freebird's Burrito for some lunch.  Mom and I shared the monster nachos...seriously bigger than our heads!  Ha!

Saturday night we grilled at my parents and ate wayy too much!  My dad was so excited about Brady turning 5 months old that he got a cake for him.  Red velvet - my favorite!  And since Madyson and Maddox were there, he included them also.  I thought it was sooo cute, sweet, and thoughtful of my dad!

 Fun with Papa!
 Tummy time @ Mimi and Papa's

Sunday we ate a late lunch before making the 4 hour trip home.  I always hate having to say goodbye!!!  If only we lived closer...

Someone insisting they hold their own bottle on the way home...Mr. Independent!