Monday, July 14, 2014

Weddings & Baseball

We had a full weekend, but fun!  Saturday, a sweet friend of mine got married and I was a bridesmaid and AB the photographer.  So Friday evening we spent our time at rehearsal and Saturday was an all day wedding affair. 

But before that I finally was able to get a pedicure!!!  Not only was I looking forward to the "me time" but I had tried 3 different times the week before to get a pedicure and for whatever reason, just didn't happen.  Like I dropped Brady off with a sitter, went & waited, and then had to leave for various reasons.  I can't remember the last time I had a pedicure and boy did I need one!

It was a beautiful ceremony and mass. Eva was an absolute gorgeous bride!!

 I hardly took any pictures with my phone, but AB got some on his camera. I was able to snag the one above from our Facebook page.

There was time in between the ceremony and reception so we decided to pick B. up and let him go to the reception.  I was thinking he'd love to have fun and dance, but about an hour in we called my MIL to come up him up.  He hadn't gotten a nap earlier in the day, the music wasn't on yet, and it was too difficult with daddy taking pictures and me running around in heels & a dress.  Brady was excited to be going to a party.  Princess Sofia's party so he thought, ha! ;) Love him!!

I taught with Eva (back when I worked) and so it was fun to see all the teachers I used to work with at the wedding/reception.

And of course, a selfie is always appropriate when your a bridesmaid right?

Actually I took this to send to another friend to show her my new hair.  I got my haircut (finally!) about two weeks ago.  So thankful not to have to wear it in a ponytail  Also, the earrings I'm wearing happen to be the earrings I wore on my wedding day!  Six and half years later, I still love them!

Saturday was a long day, but so fun!  I just love weddings!!!  And wish I could be a bride all over again.  Loved everything about being a bride and my wedding day!

Sunday, we got up and went to church even though I was exhausted from the long day/night before.  After church, the boys took a LONG nap while I rested/watched TV.  After four hours of napping, I had to go wake them up to get ready for a fun evening of baseball and friends.

Our good friends (see Stephanie in pic above) asked us if we wanted to take the boys to the Hooks game.  I was kind of on the fence, mostly because we've only been one other time (a year ago) and left 30 minutes into it because asking a toddler to be seated that long is unrealistic.  But we discussed possibly just sitting in the grass area so the boys could run around and play.  Sunday at church, the blood mobile was there and AB gave blood like usual and as we were leaving church, he said they gave 2 free grass tickets to the Hooks game.  I took that as well, we should definitely go!  I am so glad we did!!!  Brady had a great time, and actually I think we all had a really  fun time!  

We ended up meeting up for dinner at five at a place right by the field and then headed to the game around 6pm.  It wasn't crowded (thankfully), but it was HOT!!!!
Brady loved it and was so excited!  He actually thought were going to go watch the Aggies, haha.  Love him!  I mean each stage gets sweeter and sweeter!!

Sitting on the grass was actually better than the seats.  Way more comfortable.  Hard to really see what's going on during the game, but we didn't really care about that anyway! ha!  And there is a ton of things for the kids to do!  There's a huge play ground that is by the grass area, and there's even a pool you can rent out.  How fun!!

We let him get a "treat" while we there and he picked a sno-cone.  That's my boy! :)  He was beyond himself...ran back and yelled to his daddy, "daddy I got a snooow-cone! Woo-hoo!!!"

Even though it was hot, hot, we had the best time.  Was nice to get out and do something different.  Sadly, I didn't get one picture of all of us together or the two little boys together.  But I did capture these sweet moments...

Oh how I love these two!!!  These two boys are my world!