Sunday, October 31, 2010

Star Struck!

So never before have I ever been "star-struck" until this Saturday.

Friday after school, we loaded up & headed to Houston for the weekend. Saturday my mom, mother-in-law, & I went to the Houston International Quilt Market. We only spent one day there but easily could have spent 2 or 3. It was HUGE! All three halls of the of George R. Brown Convention Center. We walked, and walked, and walked...

I saw some of the most awesome booths & some amazing fabrics! I even ordered 11 bolts of fabric. Wholesale fabric coming my way in about exciting!

Some of the highlights of the weekend:
1. Spending the weekend with 2 wonderful ladies
2. Meeting Amy Butler - yes, I got to meet Amy Butler!!!! She was so sweet!
3. Meeting Michael from Michael Miller Fabrics - yes, heaven!
4. Ordering wholesale fabric (oh my, like my own mini fabric store)
5. The Aggies beat Tech!
6. Seeing & saying "hi" to Ty Pennington

Here are some photos from my weekend.

Fabric covered bike

Ty Pennington's new line of home decor fabrics

Paper flower made with Amy Butler's fabrics

Friday, October 22, 2010

Girls Weekend

I am so excited!

Today I am headed to San Antonio to meet one of my best friends Shanna for a weekend of fun & relaxation. But the real reason we are going is because of THIS.

Yes, Women of Faith!

And yes, Natalie Grant! Amazing, beautiful, & talented.

There have been so many obstacles that have tried to take this weekend away from us (like me coming down with a bug yesterday & feeling terrible) but luckily today is a new day & new promises. I am feeling so much better and ready to hit the road...after I run a few errands.

I am so very excited & pray that the Lord will feed us exactly what we need to take that next step in our walk with Him.

I promise to come back with lots of pictures from our weekend!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Famous Chicken Spaghetti

If there is one thing I am often asked to cook, it is my chicken spaghetti. And not the kind that has ketchup or any kind of red sauce. I have learned that chicken spaghetti means different things to different people.

In my opinion, there is only one way to make chicken spaghetti. It requires lots of cheese, noodles, more cheese, and nothing short of creamy goodness.

Just be warned - it is no where near healthy but pretty heavenly! I tend to make a TON of it...yes, not 1 but 2 whole 9x13 pans of it. It freezes really well. But one 9x13 pan does not stay around here for more than a day or two.

Make this for your family this week, I promise they will love it!

(click on the image to make it bigger in a different window)

Also feel free to half the recipe if needed.

We love anything that is cheesy, creamy & well fattening. Ha!


Football & Date Night

Nothing scream Fall like football!

Friday, AB & I went to a high school football game. The Sinton Pirates took on the Rockport Fulton Pirates. We have not been to a high school football game in well probably close to 10 years.
We cheered on AB's ol' alma mater & I got to see some of my kids outside of school, which was fun! Sinton has a fairly good football team this year. But my goodness the kids look so small/young) I guess that means we are getting old! We ended up winning the game fairly easily.

We sat with his aunt & uncle - on the 50 yard line. Allen's cousin is a cheerleader so we got to see her cheer as well. Friday night football is such a big part of Texas & a tradition I remember as a kid. My oldest brother, Casey played high school football & I always had so much fun going to the football games on Friday night.
Can't wait for the day when I can take my kids to Friday Night Lights aka Friday night football.

Go Pirates!


Then Saturday, after the Aggies lost - we needed a little pick us up! So we decided to get dressed & head out for a date night. It has been months since we've had a date night. Our last one was before moved in July. So it was so nice to get out & enjoy each other. It seems that since we've moved, all we do is go, go, go. The days and weeks just fly by! I will admit there are times when I miss our slow life together in San Antonio. And I thought I would never be able to say that.

Amazing how God is constantly reminding me of a time that I absolutely hated and then makes me realize it really was not as bad as it seemed. Lately he has is constantly reminding me of where I was and where I am now & wow! Saying he loves me is an under statement - but more on that later.

AB and I headed to downtown Corpus for some seafood. I really love seafood - ok good seafood. We ended up getting 2 awesome appetizers. Some amazing fried, seafood stuffed whole jalapenos & then oysters on the half shell.

We both ordered way too much food and stuffed ourselves silly! Afterward, we took a walk down the pier/jetty then took a drive down Shoreline Drive and looked at all the big, fancy houses.

It was a much needed date night and I am so thankful for date nights & the man God chose for me, Allen B.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Believing in the unseen...

AB & I are believing in the unseen...for His word tell us that we learn to trust and believe in Him through what we cannot see.

Faith is built on what is not seen but yet unseen.

Hope is planted in our hearts in order to hope for the unseen.

We know God has already laid out our plans and what is to come...our job is now to sit and wait in that hope, with faith & assurance.

We hope to share news soon about what we are believing in...until then we'll let God work out all the details while we wait upon Him.

For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? -Romans 8:24

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. -Hebrews 11:1