Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy Day Peach Cobbler

Sunday I decided to make a peach cobbler. My MIL had a bags & bags of fresh sliced peaches in the freezer and so I thawed them out and started looking for a recipe. I knew cobblers were an easy fix but I had no idea how many different recipes there were. Mostly all of them called for the same ingredients all just done a bit differently.

I decided on a recipe out of my "Texas Braggin' Rights" cookbook. It is a teeny tiny cookbook with all award winning cook-off & festival recipes. I picked "Busy Day Peach Cobbler" - it won first place at the 1991 Parker County Peach Festival in Weatherford, TX.

And oh my sweetie turned out to be delicious! My father-in-law said if it were him he would never make any other kind of peach cobbler ever again.

So I thought I'd be kind & share with you all the's easy & so good!

You can also find it here. Click on it to enlarge it.
Hope you all in enjoy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Recipe Cards

So in all my fun this weekend playing with Photoshop, I decided to start transferring my recipes to recipe cards. Here is my first one...

You can also find it on it to enlarge it & feel to print it if you like.

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I love shoppin'...

Photo-shoppin' that is...digi scrappin' ain't all that bad.

I'm working on a new blog header...stay tuned!

& it kind of has something to do with this...

and I love FALL!

Hello Long Lost Friend

It has been way too long since I last blogged. A whole month! Where has the time gone? I apologize to all my faithful followers, the few that I do have.

School/work has been kicking my booty. And sewing has also kept me very busy! Honey B. is starting to take off...of course once I start working again. Isn't that how things always seem to work out? I can not believe October is almost here! October, November, & December are by far my most favorite months! Now that it is officially Fall, I wish the South Texas weather would reflect it.

In other news, we had lots and lots and lots of rain here over the last week or so. I am so over the rain at this point! We had lots of flooding and school was even canceled last Monday due to all the flooding. Rain day! I had all intentions of blogging that day but instead curled by in bed & watched movies instead :) haven't had one of those kind of days in forever it seems like. Here are a few pics from all the rain/flooding.

There's a field somewhere out there...
Below is the road that we live down
The other side of the road/intersection that we live on
Here is CR 1944, the road I take to get to work
Field on 1944
And thankfully we were done with harvest before all the rain/flooding started. The last 2 days the sun has been out & finally things are starting to dry out. Hopefully, the rain stays away and the cool weather comes to stay. Wishful thinking on my part but hey I can always hope.

I also got my Etsy shop back & running! Our website is also up & running! So things with Honey B. are going great...just wish I had more time to sew & play!

I promise to get better about keeping up with my blog...I really have missed it!!!