Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blog Sale Link-Up: Clothes

Hi and welcome to my blog!  Linking up with Lambert's Lately today for her blog sale.

I'm selling both girls and boys clothes.  All clothes are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted and most have never been worn.  Shipping is $2 unless it says "shipped" then shipping is included.  Please leave in the comments: the # item and your Paypal.

1. Candy cane embroidered top (never been worn), size XS(5)

2. Girls top w/ matching pants (worn once), size 2/3

3. "Brady" embroidered lot onesies, various sizes 3-6M

4. Carter's short set, good condition size 6M
$4 shipped

 5. "Grace" onesie w/ matching pants (never been worn, made by me), size 6-9M

6. Christmas skirt (never been worn), size 5/6

7. Tara Collections (NWOT) empire style top with matching pants 100% cotton, size 3

8. Brown Christmas pillowcase style dress, never been worn, size 2/3

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

Day Dreaming

While B. naps I'm watching Food Network, day-dreaming.

Dreaming of fall, cooler weather, and things I'd like to have for fall.  Warning - a shallow post ahead ;)

New shoes for B.  I'm really liking these Sperry Bluefish Prewalkers.  I think he would get a lot of wear out of them this fall.

Baby Boy's Bluefish Prewalker Fall

I'm also loving these TOMS...I think the last ones are my favorite!
Burnt Chambray Tiny TOMS ClassicsCamel Academy Plaid Tiny TOMS Classics

And one last one because they are adorable...
Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

For me or the home...I want one of these for the front door.  The gig 'em one of course!  We love college football at our house!
Custom Football Door Hanger - Bronwyn Hanahan Original 

Lately I've been more on a stud kick than a chandelier type earring.  These would be great for everyday wear.

I'm also thinking I want to throw some skinny colored jeans in my fall wardrobe.

I'm loving these tops from Old Navy.

I think I'll start going through the closets and seeing what I things are a must for this fall.  And that's the end of my day dreaming because my sweet boy is up :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Day

There was nothing spectacular about our day, but it is one I don't want to forget.

Brady got up earlier than usual and all I wanted was sleep.  I was able to distract him in his crib for about 30 minutes but then he let me know he was ready to be up!  Ha!

This is such a fun age.  Just when I think he can't get any sweeter or cuter or funnier or steal my heart anymore - he does.  His little personality is starting to show through and it is just precious.  He is also quite the cuddler.

We tried a new breakfast food - apple yogurt oatmeal.  Typical breakfast is some kind of fruit mixed with oatmeal, but today we added yogurt.  He was a fan and it didn't seem to upset his stomach either.  Yea!  I'm hoping he is growing out of his milk/dairy allergen.

He is really into playing these days.  When he's not exploring around the house or trying to eat the dog food or trying to sneak up the stairs...he will sit and play.  I love it!  I love watching him.  The other evening we went over to Nanna and Dandy's and he came back with a tambourine.  He loves music and he knows how to play it. 

He also likes to get into the cabinets and today he found himself a real treat.  Or so he thought...

OREOS...Coco couldn't wait for her cookie. Ha!  It's like he is asking for her to "help!"  They are a mess!

This cracks me up..."don't even think about taking them away?!"

Him and Coco are such great friends.  Partners in crime.  He was not a happy baby when I took them away!  I just laughed, is that wrong??

After nap and lunch, we went out to see "dada" for a bit.  Always great to see him and get him out of the house.  He loves "driving" the tractor.  Such excitement for one little boy!

Once we got home, it was time nap time again.  Yea - mommy needed a nap! ;)  Me and my sweet boy snuggled up in the "big bed" and took a 2 hour nap!  I love these times with him.  Probably some of my favorites.  I know it won't be too long that he will not want to snuggle up with momma and sleep.

And I woke up to the house smell amazing!  I had put a roast in the crockpot around lunch and honestly had forgot about it.  Which is why the crockpot is one amazing invention, ha!  I actually felt rested this afternoon to make a delicious home-cooked meal.  I've been feeling so "down" lately so this was a great blessing in my day.  I ended up making homemade mashed potatoes and green bean casserole to go with the roast.  I even brewed iced tea.  And we even ate together at the table on real plates.  It was a nice little meal.  Brady even got to enjoy it.  He had green beans, bananas, boiled potatoes, and some roast.  He is really into feeding himself.  He sure is a messy eater but Reno and Coco don't mind, ha ;)

I think he's a fan!!!

Daddy said he's a real man now since he's had meat!  So silly! 

Daddy gave Brady a shower while I cleaned up.  His first shower mind you.  Haha!  Brady went down super easy and I just realized what a great day it was.  And what an amazing little life I've been blessed with.  With school starting, I was kind of bummed I wasn't back with the kiddos but thankfully God has been showing me such grace these days.  Because "my job" is here teaching Brady, loving him, and being the best mom I can be.  So while our day was nothing spectacular, it definitely is one I don't want to forget!

"Train your child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6

Monday, August 27, 2012

Instagram Life

Here are some of our life through a filter...

an after lunch snack with sophie

all natural, no fat cinnamon rolls from Whole Foods.  yes they tasted amazing!

during our trip to Houston, I stopped stocked up at one of my favorite stores...

fresh flowers @ whole foods

hatch green chiles @ whole foods

and bed head...oh i could eat him up!
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

What we've been up to...

So lots has happened or gone on since I last blogged.  Meaning blogged about life...

Brady is so busy these days!  Crawling, pulling up, talking (jabbering) up a storm, and just being insanely cute and sweet.  This stage definitely is more physical but I am loving it.  It is so amazing to see the world through your child's eyes.

We had a super busy weekend.  Brady went to his 1st birthday party.  It was a pool party for one of my friends little girl who turned 5.  We were extremely late which I was so embarrassed about but with an 8 month old, life just doesn't go as planned.  But we did make it to the party to drop off a gift and say hi.  Brady was super crabby on the way there and didn't want anyone to hold him.  I noticed on our way home that he has another tooth trying to come through.  Well that would explain some of it...and the fact that he didn't get a good afternoon nap.  After the party, we went over to our friends house for brisket, rice and beans.  Yea for a free meal and one I didn't have to cook.  Ha!  The boys talked football while the girls talked babies :)

Then today we had intentions of going to church this morning but this momma could not get out of bed, hold her eyes open, etc.  And when I finally woke up I was in the worst mood (thanks Satan!) and just so "sick and tired!"  Lately, I've been so tired I can't even think straight.  All I want to do is SLEEP!!  My house is a wreck, laundry needs to be done, and all I can think about is when am I going to get to rest.  Anyone else feel this way??

I needed church today and I needed an attitude adjustment.  Life is definitely been dragging me down lately...more on that in another post.  Maybe.

Today we also had a baby shower for some sweet friends of ours.  Essentially for Brady's BFF, Carter.  I will be watching him once his momma goes back to work - which I'm nervous about because I'll 2 little ones during the day and excited because oh I'll have another baby to love on!  I won't have him every day so that is a plus!  So it's more of a part-time gig.  I hope Brady will be loving his new friend and it will be good interaction for him.

Sadly, I didn't get ONE picture of the birthday party or the!  This is just how life is at the and no pictures, ha!

Take that back...I did get ONE picture after we left the party.  Brady fell asleep not even 5 minutes after we left.

I have been super busy sewing and ordering new stuff for Honey B.
I just ordered 20 shirts that should be here this week for an a huge order I have.  Talk about overwhelming!  But it allows for some extra money which is a good thing, right?  Here a few things I've been working on...

 A lot of spirit shirts!  I love how these turned out.

 And this was for a gift for someone.  They requested this verse on a waffle weave blanket.  I thought it turned out so great!

 I also took a friend to Houston last week for a doctors appt.  It was a whirlwind trip but a good one.  I hope to blog about that tomorrow...

But in other exciting news - Brady slept last night from 9pm until 5:30am.  Oh sweet sleep!  Actually the night before he did really great too, only waking up once.  I'm hoping he is getting this sleeping through the night thing down because this momma sure could use some sleep ;)

Canyon Lake Weekend

The weekend of August 10-12th, we made a trip up to Canyon Lake.  My parents rented a house for the week and AB finally got some much needed time off so Friday we loaded up and headed north.

We had our family reunion back in June, which I still need to blog about up around Canyon Lake.  My parents loved the area/lake so much they decided to do their vacation there and invited all of us kids and grand kids.  All two brothers and their families had gone up earilier in the week, but had to leave before we made it there.  I was sad I didn't get to see their families but was glad we got to par-take in a little of the fun.
We got there Friday just after lunch.  Everyone was already on the boat so we changed clothes, lathered up with sunscreen, and headed to the boat ramp.

Where we stayed had daily visitors.  The kids loved feeding them.

 Brady and daddy fed the deer too.

Friday afternoon we weren't on the water but maybe an hour when a storm blew in.  So we spent our time playing inside.

I was dying to get on the water!  Someone is a little water bug too!

Brady got a treat every evening by getting to take his bath in the kitchen sink.  He loved it!
Our last night there we made homemade ice cream.  My dad had been wanting to make it all week.  It was so yummy!!

On our way out...back to reality!
We stopped and had lunch before we all went our separate ways.  We stopped at place that had a home cooked food buffet.  It was delicious and clearly I took full advantage of it!  Ha!!

Brady also took advantage of the buffet...mmm broccoli and carrots!
We had an early birthday celebration for my dad while there.  My niece wanted us all to play "pin the tail on the donkey" and it actually was a LOT of fun!  We laughed so hard...I'd like to say Madyson and I tied. Ha :)

We had a great time and loved seeing family!  So thankful my parents plan these type of get-to-gathers for us.  Such a nice little retreat!

The rest our just random pictures of our weekend.  Sorry for picture overload!!