Thursday, July 3, 2008

Domestic Diva

Sew what? I decided I wanted to get into sewing and my awesome MIL (mother-in-law) got me a brand new sewing machine that is wonderful & all mine! I just started sewing so I'm learning the basics but I plan to be a pro very soon. I want to be able to sew fun, CUTE stuff for all my nieces, nephews, gifts for friends and for my own babies one day. I'm working on sewing a straight stitch....haha, it's a little more difficult than you think. But practice makes perfect, right? Nancy (my MIL) and Mamu (Allen's grandmother) are avid sewers and I know with their help I'll be a pro in no time.

While I'm sure most of you have seen those oh so cute burp clothes online and at upscale boutiques, that was my first inspiration and project. I do not think mine are near as cute...yet! But we are working that way. I have hopes of making my own burp clothes entirely out of super cute fabric and even crib bedding one day when I get good enough. I'd like to have an online baby/children website one day where I can sell my creations :) One day I hope to get a monogramming machine...because everyone loves a personalized gift!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We have a NEW nephew!

Joe loves his Uncle Alley :)
So peaceful...
Been awhile since I posted anything and what better time than now... We were blessed with a new nephew on June 26th. Joseph "Joe" Homere Wilson was born at 4:18 pm and weighed 7lbs 4oz and 19 1/2 inches long. He is absolutely adorable and so precious! Momma and baby are home and doing well. Uncle Allen (Alley) loves being an uncle and I think getting the itch to have a baby of his own...of course not until he graduates and we get settled. We are so thankful for baby Joe and now excited to meet our new niece due in August. Our family is just growing and growing...being an aunt is such a blessing and I'm so thankful I've been blessed with such healthy, playful, and beautiful nieces and nephews. I could not imagine life without their smiling faces! Hope you enjoy the photos of our new nephew, Joe :)