Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brady: Santa 2013

Last Thursday, I took B to see the big man in red.  Our church had Breakfast with Santa the weekend before and he willingly sat on his lap, but I think more for the candy cane than anything.  He will do anything for food, ha!

So I wasn't real sure how he would do with Santa at the mall.  Figured it would be a take it or leave it kind of deal.


He was obsessed, even whined for Santa when we left.  As you can tell from the video.  So we are two for two on Santa pictures.  I just adore this photo.  Such a sweeeeet boy!

Brady 2 Years

Last Monday, December 16th 2013 our sweet Brady turned TWO years old.  Cue the tears.  We have officially entered into the toddler stage and completely out of the baby stage.  Even though, he will always be my baby!

I feel like I haven't done a great job this past year keeping the blog up to date and keeping up to date what how he has changed, milestones, etc.  But such as life and I am going to let that go, because we have simply just been trying to survive life.  Hopefully, 2014 will allow for more blogging time, if not...there's always 2015! ;)

So here's a little update on our little man...

Weight 24lbs 8oz
Height ?????
Shoe size 7 or 8 (yes!)
Diaper size 4
Teeth a mouth full, I think he's 2yr molar are trying to come in - we'll go to the dentist soon
Clothes wears anywhere from 12M to 24M depending the brand
Still only drink water and milk

Food - he pretty much eats anything we eat, not really a fan of chicken.  Loves rice, pasta, and ice cream!  He isn't much of a bread eater.  For instance, when he eats a cheeseburger he only eat the meat, pizza only eats the toppings, not the crust.  Or for breakfast, he won't eat the toast/biscuit but eats the sausage.  We try to limit breads any in our house so I am a-okay with it.  Fruit depends on his mood - goes through phases where he eats grapes all the time, then won't, etc.  He is still a great eater, which I am so thankful for.  I do limit his intake of pasta, simply because he wants it for single meal. :)

You also put anything AND everything in your mouth!  Drives me crazy!!!!
Talking - his vocabulary has just changed so much over the last month or so.  He is pretty much a parrot and will repeat anything you say.  Of course, tractor is still his favorite word and says it all day long.

Which only confirms he is tractor obsessed.  Loves tractors!  As far as toys, he loves to play with his tractors, tools (hammer), choo choo trains, and any little thing he can tinker with.  All boy!  Would be/play outside all day if I'd let him.  He recently started taking a liking to Calliou, Bob the Builder, and Mickey Mouse "mouse".  But put on a real tractor show and he is in heaven.  I probably let him watch wayyyy too much tv, but there are worse things I could do as a parent. Right??
He loves to help and is a really great helper.  If I ask him to help clean up his mess, he does.  And says "pick up!" while doing so.  I give him little tasks like feeding the dogs, putting something away, or throwing something in the trash and he does it so well.  He loves to help!  He even helped me baked cookies a while back.

He definitely loves his people.  He is the most happiest when mommy, daddy, and "B" are all together.  Yes, he even refers to himself has "B" ha!  We will say something like "daddy is going to do the store..." and he will reply with "B."  Like B goes too!!  Or he will do roll-call as like to call it and call out for daddy, momma, and B.  Just double-checking we are all there.  He also started to tell us that he loves us in reply to when we tell him.  Talk about melt my heart!!!!!!
He also is really liking Reno and Coco these days.  Wants to love on them and recently has requested Coco nap with him.  I can't resist and I don't think they are minding that they get to sleep in a comfy bed, for a change.

His little personality is just darling!  Such a sweet little spirit and so loving.  He is still momma's boy and I'm not sure that will be changing anytime soon ;)  He has great manners, says "key key" for thank you and says it most of the without prompting.  He has a memory like a steel trap.  Doesn't forget a thing.  We can go somewhere one time and he will remember it next time we go and will say who we were with the time before.  If he asks to go outside or play with tractors before nap-time and I tell him, "after your nap..." as soon as he wakes up he will remind me.  His little mind amazes me!  I love watching his mind work.

He also has started requesting we go to church.  There for a while we were at church 3 days during the week and then on Sundays.  He loves "Debbie" at church!  They sure do spoil him!  Teachers pet.  He also has gotten really good at saying his prayers.  Daddy normally works him on this before dinner and before bed.  He has gotten the dinner prayer down.  "Thank you Jesus for food." Is what he normally says or some times substitutes "pasta" in there.  Ha!  He loves his pasta!  He almost always says momma every single time you ask him for you want to pray for.  Ha, yes son momma needs a lot of prayer! :)

Thanksgiving day 2013

In November, we went to hibachi for my birthday and I think he had the most fun out of all of us.  Loved every single minute of it.

You've also had your first kiss........

He has changed soooo much over the last year.  It is seriously in a blink of an eye they go from newborns to toddlers.  I feel like our days are just a big blur.  This year has been a blur.  I wish I could just bottle this sweet, sweet time up - even when it is challenging.  I am just so proud to be his momma.  I couldn't have asked for a more amazing Christmas present, two short years ago.

Brady, we love you so very much!  You are such a ray of sunshine in our lives.  You bring us so much joy.  Unspeakable joy.  We love watching you grow and shaped into a little person.  You are make us laugh every single day.  Your sweet spirit is contagious and I hope you never lose it.  I hope God "Jesus" uses you for big things for His kingdom.  We love you so very much and hope the next two years are just as sweet as the first year have been.

Life is rough being two...