Monday, April 7, 2014

Park, Birds, and Water

 Today, I randomly decided let's go to town.  Daddy had forgotten his lunch on the counter so I thought it would be a good excuse to get out of the house and deliver him his lunch.

Notice "cabin fever" has I said in my previous post.  I am normally a homebody and have to drag myself out of the house, but not lately.  I'm sure B appreciates it, poor thing is probably bored to death with me. ha!

After a quick trip to daddy's office and trip to Sonic for daddy and The Corner Bakery for me...we headed to a park on Ocean Drive.

As we were pulling into the park, B tells me with excitement in his little voice, "ohhh yea the park...I love it momma!"  I laughed and said well then that makes it all worth it!

He loved looking for "goldfish" and I so enjoyed just being by the water and listening to the waves.  It's these kind of days/moments that make my heart so full.  Fresh air really does wonders for me, ha!

Love this sweet boy so very much!  I am loving his independence but still has a need for momma.  His little mind is always working and totally cracks me up some of the things he comes up with.  Turned out to be a gorgeous day for the park!  So glad I made a random decision to get out of the house.  Please excuse the 2 day old hair and no make-up...just keepin' it real! :)

We played, ran, climbed, climbed some more, and then took a break by the water.  After we chased a few sea gulls...he would run up to them and say, "Hi bird, how are you?" then when they would start to run off, he would tell them "go faster, go faster!"  Love!!!  He also liked to tell me on the playground, "no momma go away!"  I guess when you're two, it's not cool to have your mom with you....such a funny boy!

Books & the Mouse House

In attempts to update more's a weekend update!

We had a busy, but fun weekend.

Friday - we had Preschool Praisers in the morning at church.  Afterwards, I wasn't really feeling going home (to do laundry, sweep/mop) so I thought we'd make a trip to the library.  I've taken B. to the library once before for story-time, probably a year ago.  He wasn't really interested and I wasn't really into forcing a wiggly 18 month old sit through the ordeal.

He is really into reading books so I thought we'd just go and maybe check out a book or two.  At least, it would be something different to do.  Lately, I've felt like we've had cabin fever.

We went and he loved looking at all the books.  He was on the hunt for a "fireman" book.

After the library, it was time for a little afternoon nap. Even though a certain little some one didn't was telling me "no night night!" a few minutes before I snapped this photo.  I think we'll frequent the library more often.

Saturday - we had several Easter mini sessions to do and then I had a luncheon fundraiser for a local library.  It was our lucky day!  It is a really fun event where each table is decorated based on a book and then judged.

My MIL sponsored a table and ended up winning over all best table.  She did her table about a trilogy series about dolls.  Every thing and doll was made by her or her mother or friends.  We also won 2 door prizes. 

Sunday- we went to church and Sunday school.  Afterwards we headed home to change clothes and then go get a last minute birthday gift since we had a birthday party right after lunch.  After many meltdowns due to it being naptime, being hungry, and a two year old not understanding that the present is for the persons' birthday party you are attending...we were off to drumroll....Chuck E. Cheese.  (aka mouse house)

Funny thing is earlier in the week, B saw a commercial of the "mouse house" and said, "momma, go there!"  I acted as if I didn't hear........

He thought he died and went to heaven.  He didn't even want to eat pizza OR cake!  Just wanted to play, run around, and drive the car with mouse. 


Luckily, he has a daddy who is a great sport at playing games, chasing him, and keeping him happy by letting him ride "the ark" 20 times or so.  We made it out of there without a major meltdown and he fell asleep on the way home.  We came home and made dinner, cleaned up a little, and got ready for the week.

Was a fun, blessed weekend.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brady Update

So it's been awhile since I've blogged and definitely a good minute since I've updated about my sweet, sweet boy!

He is growing up way too fast, but I am loving him more and more each day!  Twos are definitely trying, but also so fun.  Thought I'd jot down some things that I just don't want to forget.

The biggest news is NO more diapers!  The weekend of March 8th, my mom came to town to help while we had a few photo shoots and by the end of the weekend, diapers were a thing of the past.  I slowly weaned him off during nap-time.  And tonight is the first night we are going to bed with just undies on.  Ekkk!  He's been waking up lately with a dry diaper and tonight he requested no diaper.  So I thought we'd go with it & just see.

Honestly, I was dreading the whole potty training process.  I also was in denial.  I wasn't ready for "my baby" to grow up.  He must have been ready because it was a breeze.  A few M&M's and a little bit of patience and boom.  Potty trained.

Other than that, his vocabulary has just exploded.  Stringing words and sentences together like he's been doing it his whole life.  Most days, I think "did he really just say that?" And his memory is incredible.  A steel trap!

The Easter bunny came early to our house and we have TWO bunnies. He is loving them and thankfully they are really great with him.  I came in from the garage one morning to find in and "Papa bunny" in a bucket.  He told me "bunny bucket, momma!"  Haha!  Love him!

Here are just a few things he has said lately, that I just love!

"Best momma/daddy ever!"
"Go work, do something!"
"Momma so pretty!"
"Princess momma"
"Ohhh little bunny"
"B. firefighter, momma firefighter, daddy firefighter"
"Read bible right now."
"...the Bible tells me so"

He is really into singing these days.  Request us to "sing song."  His favorites are "deep & wide", "Bible tells me so", "spider", and "wagon wheel."

Here is something on posted on FB just last week:
Because I don't want to forget these things/moments:

- was trying on clothes today when Brady said, "cute momma!"

- during lunch Brady told me (while hugging his daddy) "momma go to work, go do something!"

- "read book to bunny" & picked out a farm book then showed/pointed to the various items & told bunny "shovel, hay in there, farmer, etc"

- AB went to the potty & B got all excited & came to
tell me "woohoo daddy went peepee in the potty, get M&M!" (M&M's were his prize while potty training)

- and my absolute favorite when he hugs me & tells me "best momma EVER!

Our nighttime routine normally consists of dinner, bath (normally given by daddy), read 3 books and a prayer book, sing songs, then lights out.

He's gotten into the habit of wanting to say the prayer before dinner and talk about melt your heart.  I am certain daddy and I have to hold back tears some nights! :)  Also, hearing him say his prayers before bed is SO incredibly sweet.  Warms my heart!  I need to get it on video.

He is also really into birthdays right now.  "Yay birthday party!"  His face says it all.

He is still a really good eater.  His favorites are cheeseburgers & fries, pasta, and smoothies.  He basically eats whatever we eat.  He's not the best fruit eater, so the smoothies are a great way for me to sneak those in.

He has stolen our hearts.  We can't imagine our life without his silly, sweet, and fun self.  Lately, I've been in awe that he is mine and God has entrusted us with this little human.  Some days are tough, but at the end of every single day regardless of how hard it is - I go to bed with a full heart.  So thankful I get to be his momma.