Monday, December 31, 2012


So I haven't even finished blogging about Thanksgiving or my birthday, or even started Christmas 2012.

And now we are on the verge of a new year.  I wish I had something profound to say or brilliant but I don't.

These last few days/weeks of 2012 have been busy just doing, just living, just being.

No real expectations or deadlines.

Just living life...honestly, just being tired.  Ha!  Feelin' like a ragged, worn-out momma.  But a thankful one.

2012 was an incredible year for us. 

Was the year we watched Brady grow from a 2 week old to a one year old.

Was the year I hung up my teacher hat and became a work in the home mom aka SAHM.

Was the year we prayed for big changes for our family.

Was the year a big commitment was made (which we've yet to share).

Was the year that the change we had prayed for, finally was answered.

There were so many highs for us (like watching Brady grow), yet so many struggles.  But I'm finding that I really relish in our struggles for that is where we are able to truly surrender to Him.  And that feels so good.

It was also the year I read "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan, which truly changed the way I live.  If you haven't read, it will transform your heart and mind.

2012 is a year I will forever cherish in my heart.  But I am also ready to see what the new year brings us.

And I'm hoping by Valentine's Day, I'll be all caught up with our holiday happenings.

Here's to a new year...and to being more organized and not as tired, ha!

Here is how we spent our last day of 2012...

 Brady did a little bit of jumping on his new trampoline from Mimi & Papa.

 Acted he was going "night, night!"

Had a fun mail shoes are my weakness.  Especially squeakers, I die!

I then enjoyed a late, so very bad for you lunch.  Daddy got off work early and he gladly took the boy home with him so I could eat and shop all alone.

I'll admit the shopping alone was glorious.  But eating, I was kind of sad not to have my little side-kick there.  Amazes me how much we can truly love our little people.  And to think that is how God loves us.

I'm hoping to really soak up those kind of love moments in 2013.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saviour King

I could listen to this song on  And tonight that's just what I'm doing as everyone else is snoozing away.

I have a million things to do in preparation for Christmas.  Like sew/embroider last minute gifts.  But instead I'm finding myself just wanting to worship at His feet.  Singing praises to Him for what He has done.

For He is good.

Even when we feel as if the world around us is collapsing.

Even when we feel alone, in what should be the most joyous time of the year.

Even when we feel inadequate in our daily lives.

Even when we don't understand the why's of this life.

He alone is good.

I read on Twitter the other day, "your presence is the best present you can give your kids this year."

Being presence in their little lives, drawing from their sweet little minds, seeing His love through their innocent little hearts.  Loving and praising them for even the littlest of things they have done.

What if this could ring true with our Saviour King.

Our presence is the best gift we can give Him this year.

Being in His presence, allowing Him to be present in our lives, drawing strength from Him, seeing His love through the hearts of others.  Loving and praising Him even for the littlest of things He has done.

After all, He is the reason we celebrate the season of Christmas.  And all He wants is to love on us.

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. 1 John 4:9

So what better way to celebrate than at His feet...worshiping and thanking Him.

Loving Him.

For He alone is good.

This Christmas season, we love you Lord, we worship you.  You are our God and you alone are good.

And now the weak say I have strength
By the spirit of power
And now the poor stand and confess
That my portion is served and I'm more than blessed

And now our hearts burn with a flame
A fire consuming all for your son's holy name
And with the heavens we declare you our king
We love you Lord
We worship you
You are our God
You alone are good.

And now your church shine as the bride
That you saw in your heart as you offered up your life
And now the lost being welcomed home by the saved and redeemed, those adopted as your own

And now our hearts burn with a flame
A fire consuming all for your son's holy name
And with the heavens we declare you our king
We love you Lord
We worship you
You are our God
You alone are good.

You asked your son
To carry this
The heavy cross
Our weight of sin
I love you Lord
I worship you
Hope which was lost
Now stands renewed
I give my life
To honour this
The love of Christ
The Saviour King

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Linking up with Faith & Kelly's Korner today, sharing our Christmas card.

We have received some beautiful cards this year!  One of my favorite things of the season, going to the mailbox and seeing our sweet family & friends sending us their love.

I have to admit we have yet to send our Christmas cards.  We ordered them a while back but they have yet to arrive.  Kind of like B's Santa gift, but that's a whole other post.
So here's a virtual copy for you all.
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!  
Oh how He loves us!!

And to our family/ soon as they arrive I'll address them & ship them out.  As of now they are schedule to arrive Christmas eve :( better late than never so they say???

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Growing Up!

Oh my, how amazing it is to watch your children grow.  I mean simply grow right before your eyes.  Today I heard on the radio how when you watch your kids play and just think how amazing God is.  Tears filled up my eyes. 

Because I find myself so often lately, just amazed by His love.

Amazed by the simple fact that Brady is mine.

Amazed how smart he is.  Amazed how his little mind works.

And I can't help but be taken back by God's love.  What a wonderful Creator we have.

Oh how He loves us!

So here's what has been going on in our little world...

I started keeping a friends baby a few days a week.  Brady is finally warming up to him and it is precious to see him interact with him.
I think we have a little nurturer on our hands.  He will learn over to him and say "hi!" in his sweet little voice.  I seriously need to get him on video talking.

He also likes to help me pat him while trying to burp him.

He loves to rip his socks off and recently wanted to give him kisses.  Talk about melt my heart!

I tried getting pictures of them under the Christmas tree when they were both in red.  Yeah, pretty much impossible, ha!

I did manage to get one decent one! :)  Sweet friends!  Their daddy's are best friends.

In other news...Brady learned to talk on the phone.  Or that an iPod plays music??  I'm not sure but he has always had music playing in his room since he was born.  On an iPod docking station.  Well, he decided he needed the iPod and took it upon himself to get it down.  I noticed yesterday he kept putting it up to his ear.  ha!  Like as if he was listening to the music or talking on the phone??

 Cracks me up.  He is so intent too!

Amazes me what they pick up on from just watching us.  The song "be careful little eyes what you see/hear..." is so true!  I often have to remind myself of this.  They learn so much by what we do, instead of what we say.

So funny!

He also was being such a ham yesterday!  And really enjoyed his chicken spaghetti and peas for dinner.  Lately, he has been a huge fan of peas.  And of course white bean hummus.

What a MESS!!!

Other than peeing on a rug today (yeah, don't ask!)...we are enjoying our time together!  I am SO thankful I get to watch him grow up right before my eyes.  While staying home isn't always easy (financially or socially) I am forever grateful that is what God called me to do.  His ways are always best and I praise Him for that!

Santa Claus 2012

Today, I took Brady to see the man in the red suit.

Santa Claus.

There was quite a line but I decided we were there so let's just go for it.  Because I knew the closer it got to Christmas and the weekend, the crowds would be even worse and I didn't want to have to get back out with all the holiday shoppers.

So an hour and a half later...we finally made it to the front of the line.

I was SO proud of how well Brady did.  He was so happy during the wait, even though he couldn't get down.  We spent lots of time standing in the stroller, standing at my feet, and distracting him with the Christmas trees, wipes, and water.  He enjoyed watching all the people and saying "Hi" to the people in line with us.  Even the lady behind us commented on how well he had done.  He did start to melt down about the last 5-10 minutes of the wait.  But other than that I was super proud of him and it made this mommas heart so happy.

And he did wonderful once we got to see Santa!  He was so tired and would smile after the flash went off.  But that's okay, I think his picture turned out PRECIOUS and I am so glad I
took the time to wait in line to capture this sweet moment.

It was actually cold today!  So it was the perfect weather to bundle I went all out (wool sweater, scarf, and all) because lately we've had more summer days than winter.    Well, I was a mess by the time we got Santa.  It was HOT in the mall.  I couldn't wait to get outside and feel the wind and glorious 60 degrees.

Oh how I love that sweet boy!  So thankful I get to be his momma!!

Brady's Cookies & Milk Birthday Party {Part 1}

Disclaimer:  Overload of photos and I'm breaking this up into 2 posts because there is just so much to cover!  Enjoy!!

Saturday, December 8th we celebrated Brady turning one.  We decided to do it at the park here in our small town.  And since it was so close to Christmas, I knew I wanted Santa to be there.  So I had to find a balance between birthday and not too Christmasy.

So I decided on a cookies & milk theme!  Because what else goes with Santa and birthday fun?!

It was so much fun to put together and while the actual day seemed like a whirlwind, I think the birthday boy really enjoyed himself.

Which is all that matters!

We had chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, red velvet, peppermint swirl, iced shortbread and holiday circus animal cookies.  All were home made except the circus animal and iced shortbread cookies.

All cookies were placed in glass jars embellished with red/white ribbon and twine.  The iced cookies were displayed in an old plastic Coca-Cola crate, that I found in a junk pile on our street.

Instead of plates, guest used blue and white striped candy bags labeled "COOKIES" on them.  Perfect for the kids to fill up and run around without spilling them.

We also had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for "birthday cake!"  I ordered the cupcakes from Sam's Club with red and white icing.  I added cupcakes toppers in shapes of cookies and old milk bottles with straws.  Those came from Party Parade on Etsy.  The cupcake toppers were one of my favorite things!  Great quality and oh so cute!!  I also added old fashioned peppermint sticks in a few since we had an insane amount of cakes.  60 to be exact.  Yes, we were eating cupcakes.for.days.  Ha!


It was such a WINDY day!  So everything was blowing around, everywhere!  On the back of the table were big Mason jars filled with cookie crisp that anchored balloons.  We had to tape them down to table so they wouldn't blow off, ha!

We set up a kind of sign in table as you came into the pavilion area.  On that table was a cookies for Santa plate, that was for our special guest, an old milk bottle filled with animal crackers, the party invitation framed, a dog you could sign, the basket of take home goodie (an iced shortbread cookie), and then a "B" and "1" covered in cookie crisp.

The invitation was also ordered off Etsy and printed at Office Max.  The cookies for Santa plate was given as Santa left, filled with cookies for a BIG thank you!

The smash cake was something I'd seen on another cookies and milk party on Pinterest.  My mom got the cake from the H-E-B bakery.  It was vanilla with buttercream and we added the cookies along the bottom.  We had plans of making him his smash cake but just ran out of time, but either way it turned out perfect and turns out he LOVED the cake!  As you can see for yourself in the pictures.

Shortly after the party started our special guest arrived...

 Ho, ho, ho!!!!

Greeting the kids (above) and then greeting the birthday boy.  Which I was worried it could go one or the other...but he loved Santa!  Actually reached for him so he could hold him.  My sweet boy!


Once Santa arrived, he took his seat by the Christmas tree and all the kids lined up to have their picture taken with him.  All the pictures will be mailed with the thank you cards as part of their thank you for coming to celebrate with us!

 Sweet cousins and friends.

 And the birthday boy!

The Christmas tree was already there as part of the city's Christmas display.  But I added party hats to one side and the other side was where Santa sat.  I decorated the side where he sat to look like the tree was fully decorated.  I also had all of his monthly pictures and his "first" pictures (like first bath, first smile, first food, etc) to go hang on a frame that had chicken wire behind it.  Well the wind was too bad so instead we just put all the pictures in the Christmas tree, on the same side as the hats.  I guess the picture below was taken before I put the photos on the tree.


We had the all the gifts put under the tree and I also wrapped some "faux" presents for under the tree.  Just big empty boxes I had collected so the tree wouldn't look so out of place.

Here's another picture of the main table.  And a few pictures of Brady and his friends.

As you can tell from everyone was 83* that day!  Hot & windy!  I guess better than cold & rainy??  Gotta love Texas weather.  I decided a hot chocolate bar would be a flop so I decided against it.

Birthday celebration part 2 coming up...