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Monday, June 9, 2014

Whole30 {Week 1}

So today marks one week since I started Whole30.  I am currently on day 8 and thought I would share a little about this experience.  If you aren't sure what Whole30, click here to learn more.

I heard about Whole30, maybe two years ago but just had a baby and dieting wasn't really on my radar.  Plus, I read what you had to give up and thought "there's no way!" ha.  I decided to get the book It Starts With Food to see what it was all about.  After reading the first few chapters, I knew it was time to make a change regarding my relationship with food - mostly carbs and sugar.

Yea, all the things that taste amazing, call my name at 9pm after dinner, and all those wonderful looking desserts all.over.Pinterest.

So enter are a few things I've learned so far.

-Everything.  Everything has sugar in it.
-Finding sugar-free bacon is near to impossible.
-Reading labels is a must and honestly kind of scary to think about all the "things" we consume without even realizing it.
-Soy is in everything.  Again, everything.
-Farmers markets and local co-op are lifesavers.
-Breakfast is my favorite meal and I am not a morning person!
-I really miss having coffee.  I've been tempted to try it black, but just haven't.
-Not all salts are created equally.

Here's a run down of what I've been eating:

Day 1:
Breakfast: sweet potato hash, egg fried in coconut oil, garden fresh cucumbers and tomatoes with S&P, cantaloupe
Lunch: Pan seared porkchop in olive oil, paprika carrots cooked in coconut oil, and more tomatoes and cucumbers.
Dinner: I had bunco that night and ended up going to eat with a Chili's.  I ordered a bacon burger without the bun and all veggies.  Squeezed mustard on top of it.  For my family, I baked a whole cut-up chicken in oil olive, onions, carrots, celery, with spices (garlic, onion powder, salt & pepper)

Day 2: (I guess I didn't photograph this day & now I don't remember what I ate)

Breakfast: was probably the same as day 1.
Snack: apple with almond butter sprinkled with cinnamon
Lunch: ????
Dinner: Slow cooked a chuck roast in the oven with onions & carrots.

Day 3:
 Breakfast: sweet potato hash, fried eggs, pasture ground pork patties, and apple slices.

Lunch: Compliant hotdogs topped with yellow mustard & pickles (with no sugar), cucumbers/tomatoes, slice of cantaloupe.
Wednesday is grocery day so after the farmers market, we went out to eat before I took off to the grocery store, alone!  They had half price oysters on the half shell so we got a dozen & ate them WITHOUT a cracker!  I know...actually I didn't even miss the cracker!  I had the fish of the day (drum), grilled with a side of asparagus.  AB had surf & turf.

Day 4: Beach day!

Breakfast: egg scramble with mushrooms, yellow bell peppers, fresh pico, and spinach leaves.  Pasture pork, and cucumbers and tomatoes.
Lunch: For our beach lunch, I packed Applegate salami, green olives, cherry tomatoes, and sugar-free pepperoni (sliced thick) and salt & pepper pistachios to snack on w/ La Croix to drink!
Dinner: grass-fed burgers topped with bacon, sliced avocado & onion, and pico and homemade Whole30 mayo.  Sweet potato fries and sliced tomatoes.

Day 5:

Breakfast (on to go!): 2 hard boiled eggs with S&P, an apple
Lunch: don't remember...???

Dinner: Spaghetti sauce with creamy roasted garlic sauce from Planks, Love, and Guacamole.  It was sooo yummy!  Like we really eating pasta, will definitely make this recipe again!

Day 6:

Breakfast: egg crepe topped with pico, yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, and pork sausage.
Lunch: sausage links with yellow mustard (later I googled the ingredients of sausage & it   wasn't compliant, oops!)
Dinner: sliced brisket, bbq'ed chicken (without sauce), balsamic green beans, salad with ranch dressing using whole30 mayo, and watermelon.

Day 7:

Breakfast: apple- since I didn't have time to cook before church

 Lunch: tuna fish boats made w/ whole30 mayo and watermelon
Dinner: pork chop seared in avacodo oil, oven roasted brussel sprouts, a few green olives and tomatoe slices.
After dinner snack: watermelon with pink salt!

Whew, there's week 1!  I will say that days 2-5 were probably the toughest and randomly yesterday I was craving a Dr Pepper and sausage cheese balls like something fierce.  Totally random!!  I try not to snack but if I do I try to have an apple or watermelon, a few unsalted cashews, or half a Lara Bar.  I mostly drink water with lemon in it.  B loves "lemon-add!" and even B eats better because it.  He always eats whatever we eat so this is forcing us to feed him good stuff, instead of "junk!"

Overall, I am feeling pretty good.  I can tell a difference in mental clarity (thank goodness), and for the most part have more energy.  My body is still adjusting to the whole "shock" of it all, but I am excited to see where I am at the end of this.  I am already planning on doing another Whole30, right after this one!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let's talk food

We have been introducing more and more foods to B.  I stumbled upon a site that talks about Baby Led Weaning.  One might think weaning means to wean or stop for nursing or formula but really according to the site it means this:

"* re ‘wean’. This is meant in the Brit sense, not the American. In the UK, ‘weaning’ means ‘adding complementary foods’, whereas in the States it means ‘giving up breastfeeding’."

We have decided Brady will wean himself when ready.  The goal is to breastfeed until he is one and beyond, if that's what he wants.  But we will continue more foods as he gets older because he definitely likes to self feed.

I started brown rice cereal and purees a week before he turned 6 months old.  We did purees for a good solid 2 months and then honestly I just decided to put some cut up food on his tray one day.  He of course loved feeding himself.  Then I happened to stumble upon a blog that was doing "baby led weaning" and gave lots of food ideas.  From there I've been experimenting with all kinds of foods.  And so far, it's been great for us and kind of fun.

We try to keep food as wholesome as possible and feed organic when possible.  The area we live in does not offer a great selection of wholesome food, which drives me nuts!  I have to drive a good 25 minutes to a grocery store that offers organic fruit and veggies.  Or no added hormones to meats.  And when eating out, it's not really an option so we do the best we can but some things are just not feasible at times.  When out to eat, I try to order a chicken breast or chicken tenders for him and tear off the breading.  The other night he ate 3 whole chicken tenders and one time he ate a whole chicken breast.  He loves to eat!

Brady is a great eater (most days) and I think he really gets a kick out of feeding himself.  It does make a huge mess, but that's why we have 2 small dogs - ha!

Here are just a few things new foods we've tried recently:

 Turkey meatballs with spaghetti, green peas, and roasted apples

Raw cucumber.
I just peel it, cut off a good size that he can hold and let him eat it like a pickle.

 Soft, scrambled egg in coconut oil

Other foods we've tried:
 -greek yogurt with fruit
-chopped cherry tomatoes
-butter beans (big white beans cooked in water with ham)
-chicken strips or chicken breast (no breading and diced, roasted)
-mac and cheese
-wagon wheel pasta
  -pancakes and waffles (Van's brand)
-frozen mango chunks
-graham crackers
-lean brisket
-pinto beans
-white bean hummus
-whole wheat crackers
-chicken spaghetti
-pork chops (diced up)
 -roasted apples with cinammon
-roasted veggies
 First time @ Chick-fil-a (grilled chicken nuggets and a fruit cup), cherry tomatoes, and first time eating hummus.

It's been fun watching him experience new foods.  And he really will eat or try anything we put in front of him.  I'm just hoping that does end soon.  I'm also hoping by giving him so much variety early on, he will continue to love food and be a good eater.

Tell me what kind of things your baby/toddler eats.  I'd love some new ideas.