Sunday, April 26, 2009


Look at our homegrown tomato...we picked it today when we got home from Odem! It is so little but cute!! Hopefully it taste yummy!

Meet Callie

We have a new member of our family - Callie! We got a new baby kitty last week and she is just adorable! She loves to play and is super sassy (and needy) but she also LOVES to cuddle and purrs ever so sweetly!! Her and Reno just love each other and it's so cute to see them play with each other. It's been a very long time since I had a kitty (she's about 6 weeks old) and I think she is just a wonderful addition to our family. I finally decided after 3 years of Lucy being gone, I it was time to get another cat. After all...everyone should have a playful baby kitty :)

Meet Callie


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Picture Update

Life has been extremely hectic lately and blogging has really been the last thing on my mind. Between work, Allen defending his final project (which by the way he defended Monday morning and his committee signed off on his Master, he is DONE!! I am so proud of him!), trying to complete all my sewing orders, planning for the future, working-out when I have energy, keeping up with the daily tasks of life, and a event just about every weekend...I barely have time to breathe it seems like & soon I have to start packing and just the thought of packing makes me tired!!! So sorry I've slacked in the blogging department. I definitely have missed it. I am definitely looking forward to summer and to not having a booked calendar. Allen I recently planted a patio garden and our plants are doing awesome! Soon I hope to have fresh tomatoes :) I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I thought I would post recent photos that you might enjoy...and please keep us in your prayers as we prepare of the future in which is still very unknown! Thanks and love you all!

strawberry plant


Sunday, April 5, 2009

One Smart Cookie

Nammers and Allen with their "Smart Cookie Awards!"

Friday evening we went to an Awards Banquet for the Department of Landscape Architecture. Allen received the "The Honor Roll Award" for maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or more. It was at Pebble Creek Country Club and we had a wonderful dinner of prime rib, yum! We had a great time with his classmates and it's so hard to believe their 3 years of graduate school are coming to an end. Seems just like yesterday we started on this journey. I think Allen has created life-long friendships and we hope to stay in touch once grad school is over. Just thinking of leaving College Station is sooooo bittersweet! I know I'm going to cry the entire time while we pack...and it seems so silly because I'm ready to move on with life and onto our next adventure but College Station has been home for so long and honestly I think it's been one of the best places I have ever lived.

MLA group shot (plus Jenny & I...the supportive MLA wives)

Allen will defend his final project on Monday, April 13th. I know he will do an amazing job but prayers will be greatly appreciated that day. He has been working very hard and daily to put it together. He is the only one out of his group who has a "fly-over" which is like virtual tour of his master plan in Cypress, Texas. The project is very impressive! His advisor who is also on his committee had so many compliments about Allen and just how intelligent he is! Allen really is ONE SMART COOKIE! Don't let him fool ya into thinking otherwise ;)