Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

 at the Bayfront...

 enjoying a Whataburger Jr. after the farmers market.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The cowboy rides away...

Last Friday, I got a phone call from a dear college friend.  She had an extra ticket to George Strait's last concert ever on The Cowboy Rides Away tour.

Our church's VBS was starting on Sunday and I still had lots to do before then (like build & paint a ticket booth) so I debated on not going...well that didn't last long because how could I say no to a) a night away b) time with a friend I don't get to see that often and c) a free ticket to George Strait!

I am SO glad I didn't turn down the ticket.  Because it was an amazing night filled with lots of fun!

Not very often does this momma get to "let her hair down" and have some fun.  Being a parent is doesn't offer those opportunities often (or hardly ever) so it was fun to just go and enjoy myself with a dear friend.

I am beyond thankful for an amazing husband who willingly takes on the mom duties whiel I'm away and encourages me to take time for myself.  Knowing I can go and not worry about B is a wonderful thing, but also knowing that my husband nurtures our relationship that way.

Beyond blessed in that department!

Back to the cowboy rides away...

I loaded up around lunchtime Saturday and headed to SA.  It was a madhouse in downtown SA.  People and cars everywhere!  They were expecting the concert to draw 72,000 people.  wow!

Once I finally arrived at the hotel, Shanna greeted me and we laughed because I happen to have the same exact shirt on that she was wearing.  Really random since it's bright green & yellow and says "nothing tips like a cow" with an upside down on it.  Strange but whatever.

We then of course talked and talked while we got ready!  We then walked about a mile (since there was over an hour wait to catch a cab) to get to the Alamodome.  And attempted to take a photo of ourselves...ha!

And my friends it was HOT!  Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert went on before George.  We had so much fun and laughed so much!

Been friends for 11 years and we can still have fun like we did when we first met.  We met our first year at Texas A&M, she lived next to me in the dorm and our friendship means the world to me.
And of course George was awesome!  We had floor seats so we were able to stand and not be crowded by people sitting next to us.  Is that rude?  I don't really listen to country anymore but his songs are sooo good.  I think I'll put some good ol' George on my iPod for in the car.

I just can't help but think this won't be his last concert...but who knows. 

Thanks Shanna for a super fun night & thanks hubby for watching the boy and building and painting the ticket booth.  I am blessed with some pretty amazing people in my life. 

Sunday, I rushed home to help get the last of the things together for VBS then headed to the church.  I was glad to be home because I really did miss these's fun getting a break but my heart aches for them while away.