Thursday, May 13, 2010

All About Books!

This week over at Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your's all about books!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I love books! Especially children's books. My most favorite thing to do in the classroom is read books to the kids and I always look forward to the book fair each fall & spring. Here are a few of my favorite children books...

The Trumpet of the Swan was my most favorite childhood book. I remember my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Cody reading it to us like it was yesterday.

Good ol' classics

The Napping House is a super fun read aloud.

I really like Fancy Nancy because well I am Nancy & I am Fancy! ;)

And for grown up books...which is very rare I actually ever finish a book that I start. I guess I lose interest or A.D.D. sets in or maybe it is both. Ha!

Last summer I got hooked on these books & I actually read 3 in a row. Like couldn't put them down. I would even take them to the gym & read while on the treadmill. And stay up all hours of the night trying to see what would happen next. But my favorite spot to read was out by the pool. My mom is the one who told me about these books & she thinks they are hilarious.

Who knows...maybe I'll start reading them again this summer.

And Max Lucado is an amazing author. I did a Bible study last fall at his church & picked up this book at their bookstore. Fear has always been something I harbor and this book opened my eyes to so many things. It genuinely allowed me to let go of some of that fear & I keep it by my night stand and read it over & over. Often I just read a chapter here & there to help remind myself of God's promises - that fear is not of Him & why should I be fearful? Such a great book!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winner, Winner Scrap Dinner!

Woohoo! Everybody likes to be a WINNER! This would be my very first giveaway winner in the blog-O-world.

I am so very excited. Especially since I secretly had plans to buy this particular thing (in the near future), had I not won.

But a big ol' Texas sized "THANK YOU!" goes out to The Design Girl!!!! Because now I get it for free! And they say nothing in life is free...pssh.

Lately, I have been really interested in learning how to scrapbook digitally. And learning more in general about Photoshop, Fireworks, png files, overlaying, etc. All things that lucky for me, my smart hubby knows all about. Just a matter of sitting down & him teaching me. I can do basic stuff in Photoshop and everytime I play around with it, I tend to find myself wanting to know more (and quickly because I tend to dislike trial & error). Error tends to happen a whole lot more, ha!

So what exactly did I WIN??? I get to pick one of these sweet Color Your World kits from THE ah-mazing Design Girl Studio.


How fun is that???

Check out Design Girl's online store - Scrap Matters!

And there is a great sale going on right now. Here are the few things I recently purchased from ScrapMatters shop.

Banana Split


A Beautiful Day add on

It's worth checking out & definitely worth being a follower of the her blog. Who knows...maybe you'll be the next one to win?! How fun would that be?!

There are so many great digital scrap kits on her site. I am hoping to purchase these in the near future.

Fly Free
& Funky Chic

Ohhhh every time I look at the site, I found something new I want/love! Well, my friends I better get going, I have lots to do before heading out of town for this weekend. Like cleaning my house & tackling the insane amount of laundry that has piled up. But also have lots of sewing I want to I'm off to be productive! Plus now it looks like I better get to scrappin'...if ya know what I mean ;)

Have a lovely day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Time flies...

...when you're having fun!

Soooo, it has been a long time (in my terms anyway) since I have blogged. But honestly I am not sure how others keep up with a daily blog...oh my, I'd really get nothing done! I have a hard enough being productive as it is. Ok, enough about that... Mayday!!! When did May arrive? Because while the calendar says it is MAY day, I think my mind is still stuck on makes me nervous when the time starts going by so fast. I am a lil' nervous kind of girl anyway to start with but then through lighting speed in there & well it's just not good. For me or for my diet.

so much as gone since I've blogged. I mean it's not like I've had nothing to say (you all know I have something to talk about, all the day long) - so really I have no reason other than sometimes "taking a break" is good for the soooul.

First of all, my dad is FINALLY home from the islands! Praise Jesus for a safe return home & safety while there. My dad has been working overseas since first of January. Which was to be a 6 week job turned into nearly 5 months. I am so glad he is home! And mom is no longer "living single!"

And secondly, we have a NEW family member! She weighs less a pound but has a personality that is unmeasurable. She is a mini version of another one of our family members. And she stole our hearts from day one. It was literally
love at first sight!!! She keeps us on our toes and has seriously over taken the house. Don't let anyone ever tell you there is noooo such thang has "puppy love!" Because my friends...we have sweet puppy love over at our house these days! Without further Coco!
Coco Chanel (our version anyway)

"A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous." -Coco Chanel

Coco was an impulse buy...mainly on my hubby's part. Yes, he is smitten over his Poms. Now our pom poms! Ha! I thought of that & I thought it was so cute! Pom poms, get it?!?! We have had Reno 4 years this spring and we love him. I mean like seriously loooove that dog. AB & I have always joked that one day we'll have our very own Pomeranian farm...well looks this is the start of it. Even though I don't think I can handle another one. I seriously might burst from all the cuteness!!! Or accidentally (of course it wouldn't be on purpose) pop their heads off from squeezing them so tightly...I mean because Coco is soooo stinkin' cute! Sometimes I can not handle it. Literally. And Reno has so wonderful with her. Callie on the other hand...well, she is just plain crazy & I'm afraid a hopeless case when it comes to sweetness.

But now onto other things that have been happening around here...

I did my very first cycling - spin kill yourself class ever! I made it through the whole thing without stopping! Wahoo!!! Honestly the workout itself, yes was hard not gonna lie but it would have not been near as bad, if the seats weren't designed by Satan himself! I am sorry but my hiney is 7 times the size of that seat...come on! Who has a hiney that small?! AB actually did cycling first & asked if I'd do it with him, so I agreed. It actually was really fun & I plan on going again this week! She had us do this little drill with a partner (aka hubby) and one of us was "Maverick" and the other "Goose" ya know from the awesome Top Gun movie. I was "Goose" and well I was not such a good wing-man. I didn't realize it was my turn to be "spinning" and well actually I thought I might hurl at any was intense! Opps!!! Luckily "Maverick" still loves me regardless of my spinning skills.

Maverick is really saying "Gig 'em!" :)

We also have discovered the great outdoors. Hiking! We decided to go on a hike this last weekend & it was so much fun. Ok so fun isn't the word but it was refreshing?! We plan on hitting some other hiking trails around the hill country. I've never thought of myself as adventurous but hey, always a first for everything.