Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Picture Update

Life has been extremely hectic lately and blogging has really been the last thing on my mind. Between work, Allen defending his final project (which by the way he defended Monday morning and his committee signed off on his Master, he is DONE!! I am so proud of him!), trying to complete all my sewing orders, planning for the future, working-out when I have energy, keeping up with the daily tasks of life, and a event just about every weekend...I barely have time to breathe it seems like & soon I have to start packing and just the thought of packing makes me tired!!! So sorry I've slacked in the blogging department. I definitely have missed it. I am definitely looking forward to summer and to not having a booked calendar. Allen I recently planted a patio garden and our plants are doing awesome! Soon I hope to have fresh tomatoes :) I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I thought I would post recent photos that you might enjoy...and please keep us in your prayers as we prepare of the future in which is still very unknown! Thanks and love you all!

strawberry plant


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