Monday, June 8, 2009

San Antonio Living

So Allen and I have lived in San Antonio now for one week and 2 days...
The first week was interesting to say the least.  It first started with the converter in the travel trailer (it converts the electricity in order for everything to run in the trailer) going out and having to be replaced to me being locked out one day for 2 and 1/2 hours while I had to sit outside waiting for Allen to come home (it was miserable!), then to waking up at 1am to the awning slamming against the side of the trailer & then being completely destroyed due to the high winds (we had NO idea a storm was coming in), spent $550 on Reno at the vet (SA is #2 in the nation for allergies & Reno is highly allergic to SA), to having a terrible water leak which caused a big part of the carpet to be soaked (which was so gross & nasty!!!) - Allen was able to fix it after only 2-3 trips to Lowe's (thanks honey) to FINALLY adjusting to a new place, a very small place, with mostly all of our stuff in storage!
So change is they say...Allen is enjoying his job for the most part (wishes they would give him a little more responsibility but you know how it is being "the newbie") but we are thankful for this opportunity and have hopes that things will get better!

I am definitely looking forward to setting up my sewing stuff & sewing!  It's like an escape for me :) and I'm excited about the mega JoAnn's here in San Antonio.  I just might get a summer job there, haha!  I have currently applied to several school districts around SA but no interviews yet...please pray for us and that God will open a door for me to teach here in the SA area.  We have begin looking for a rent house or apartment and we hope to be in a new place by August 1st.  We'll have a spare bedroom so we'd love for you to come visit us!  There is so much to see & do here...the river, outlet malls, Sea World, Wildlife Safari, great food, and much, much more.

Other exciting family news:
Heather & Scottie got married on May 30th and we are so very happy for them & wish them all the best!
Joe is going to be a BIG brother! :) Cadee & Eric are expecting their 2nd baby - due sometime in November.  We have very excited for them & can't wait to meet our new nephew or niece!

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