Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day of MDO

Today, we embarked into a new season/adventure.

Brady started Mother's Day Out!

I think we were both ready and eager for the new change.  They started last Tuesday, but since we were in Houston all week, he missed the first week!  I also had BIG plans of making him a shirt, but with the craziness of life lately, that just wasn't in the cards.  I also have a backpack to match his lunch-kit, but haven't monogrammed it yet...

He ended up having a great day!

This morning, we all got up (including daddy who stayed around to take him on his first day) bright and early.  Showered, got dressed, and then fixed his lunch which consisted of a mini pizza, cheese crackers, and dried fruit.

Then we were on our way...

He did so great during drop-off.  We went right in and he put his backup in his cubbie, then went right into his classroom.

We said our goodbyes as quickly as possibly, then headed out!  He wanted to change his seat and so his teacher moved his seat next to a little girl he knows from church, and the sat right down.

There were no tears from him or from mama or daddy!  I was kind of surprised I didn't cry, but I just kept thinking about how much fun he would have and how good this would be for him.

I was SO excited to pick him up!  Almost more nervous about that, than dropping him off.  I went in and he was happy playing and of course his little face lit up when he saw me.  But then he looked behind me and wanted to know where daddy was?  He insisted we had to go pick daddy up from work!  ha!!  His teacher said he had a good day, but very independent.  He is Mr. Independent, that's for sure.  I asked him if he had fun and he said yes and that he wanted to come back on Thursday!  I think he had a GREAT first day!  Which makes my mama heart so happy!!  We swung by Sonic for happy hour and a lemon-berry slush and then came home for a much needed nap!  So proud of my sweet boy and I hope he has amazing first year of Mother's Day Out!

And in case you're wondering what I did with all my free-time...I picked up the house a little, then honestly took a NAP!!

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