Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting settled...

All packed & ready...Reno wanted to be sure he didn't miss a thing! He rode on this pillow next to Allen all the way from Odem to San Antonio - Reno always makes sure he is NOT left where ever we take him or go! Such a silly boy!!

Well after two and half months of trailer living, we have now upgraded! Last Thursday, Allen took off half a day and we headed south to Allen's parents to which kicked off a very busy weekend of moving. Normally Allen despises moving but not this time...Allen could not wait to move into our new place! Moving meant no more flushing the sewer on a weekly basis, no more hitting your head on the AC in the bedroom, no more being locked out on a regular basis (that would be me), and no more trailer park located in a not-so-good part of town! There were two murders in the area during our stay at Green Tree Village. Yikes! Thursday night after dinner, we took on the task of packing all of our wedding gifts - Allen wanted to leave @ 7am Friday morning to get to San Antonio just in time to pick up our keys. Allen and I decided not to use our wedding gifts until we moved after graduation. Turned out to be a great idea considering everything was still packed in its original packaging which made it so easy to transport to San Antonio. After almost 2 hours, we finally had everything packed (excluding our beautiful china & stemware - don't have room for those things just yet), ready to go! I did not realize how much wedding stuff we actually had (well after a year & half I guess you forget)...took Allen's truck, Danny's truck, and my new little Jeep to fit everything!

Move-in day...Friday morning we hit the road @ 7:15am, it is just over a 2 hour drive from Odem to San Antonio. I got to drive the Jeep which was fun since it will be my new vehicle for the next 6 months or so. My car was on a lease & I turned it back in yesterday & Allen's parents were kind enough to let us use their 3rd vehicle for awhile so we didn't have to rush into buying something right now. Not having a car payment for a few months will be wonderful since I currently do not have a job. God is good & always takes care of us!

We made it to Walker Ranch (our new place) right around 9:30, got the keys, and the moving began...Danny & Allen moved the big stuff while I carried small boxes (did I mention we are on the 2nd floor?!) and Nancy unpacked boxes. We actually got lots unpacked & done on Friday. The highlight of the move...Allen and I made our first big appliance purchase! Yay! We bought a new LG front loading washer & dryer. Oh and I absolutely LOVE them! They play a song when the load is done!!! I was like someone's cell phone is ringing...haha, no it was the washer! Laura, I will post a picture of them just for you :) Another plus to our new move (well it's good yet very bad), there is a Whataburger seriously within walking our backyard essentially. Not good! Haha...when I don't feel like cooking having Whataburger so close could be a problem! Allen & I joked saying I hope it's a "bad" Whataburger, soggy fries, dry hamburgers, bad service...haha!

Thank you to all of our generous friends & family for all the wonderful gifts! I am just in love with all of our kitchen stuff...the Pottery Barn dishes are just beautiful! One day I will have a kitchen big enough to fit everything nice & neatly! As well as a nice big oven range :)

Our new place has so much room...2 bedrooms & 2 baths! Ohhh la la...can't wait to have visitors! I have unpacked MOST of the boxes except the boxes labeled "keepsakes" and "computer/desk stuff" - we have yet to set up the big computer. I really wanted a smaller desk for it instead of the huge one we had and we have not yet got a new desk. I need/wanted room for my sewing table! There is still nothing on the walls...takes me awhile to decide where I want things to go. Also I was hoping my mom would come & help with that, she's good at that kind of stuff! It is so nice to finally be in our new place and I'm enjoying making it home sweet home. Just wish I had a job because there are sooo many things I want to buy like new bedding! Haha, I guess those things will have to wait...I'm believing God has something great in store for us and for me regarding a job. I am looking forward to having friends over for dinner, family & friends coming to visit, and Allen & I having a great place to call "home!"

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  1. congrats Nancy!!! I'm excited for y'all and glad to hear how excited you are about your new place! Can't wait to see pics :)