Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet Jayco

Summer 2009 - definitely a summer to remember! While most of you know all the wonderful memories & stories we have from living in a travel trailer over the summer...I thought it was only necessary to let you actually "experience" or more like see our trailer which we called "home!" While we hated most days (like the days we had to empty the sewer tank "shitter" or like the night the awning ripped off in the middle of the night or all the many days I locked myself out or all the days we had NO get the point) is an experience Allen & I will NEVER forget, definitely will cherish (now looking back), and continue to laugh about all the crazy things that happened to us while in that trailer, not to mention we found a new love for each other & realized if we can make it through that experience...we can make it through just about anything! The funny thing is we went to Allen's parents over the weekend & when we pulled up we saw Jayco & were like "ohhhh, there's Jayco!" Believe it or not it was bittersweet to watch the trailer I can say I literally have lived through a Chevy Chase kind of vacation, guess that's what I get for lovin' those stupid movies...

BUT...there is NO other person in the world, I would have wanted to experience trailer living with than Allen B. :)

Jayco is now a sweet memory & we are most definitely LOVING our new place & all the room! Pictures to come soon of our new home...but for now I leave with JAYCO!

Our "spot" at Green Tree Village #319

There she/he is...our home for 2 & half months

Goodbye Jayco!!! Thanks for an unforgettable summer! :)

**Sorry...I had been meaning to take photos while we were living there & never got around too it but as Allen's parents began to drive off...I shouted "Wait...I need to get a picture of Jayco!" Good thing I carry a small camera in my purse - just for those kind of moments! :)

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