Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winner, Winner Scrap Dinner!

Woohoo! Everybody likes to be a WINNER! This would be my very first giveaway winner in the blog-O-world.

I am so very excited. Especially since I secretly had plans to buy this particular thing (in the near future), had I not won.

But a big ol' Texas sized "THANK YOU!" goes out to The Design Girl!!!! Because now I get it for free! And they say nothing in life is free...pssh.

Lately, I have been really interested in learning how to scrapbook digitally. And learning more in general about Photoshop, Fireworks, png files, overlaying, etc. All things that lucky for me, my smart hubby knows all about. Just a matter of sitting down & him teaching me. I can do basic stuff in Photoshop and everytime I play around with it, I tend to find myself wanting to know more (and quickly because I tend to dislike trial & error). Error tends to happen a whole lot more, ha!

So what exactly did I WIN??? I get to pick one of these sweet Color Your World kits from THE ah-mazing Design Girl Studio.


How fun is that???

Check out Design Girl's online store - Scrap Matters!

And there is a great sale going on right now. Here are the few things I recently purchased from ScrapMatters shop.

Banana Split


A Beautiful Day add on

It's worth checking out & definitely worth being a follower of the her blog. Who knows...maybe you'll be the next one to win?! How fun would that be?!

There are so many great digital scrap kits on her site. I am hoping to purchase these in the near future.

Fly Free
& Funky Chic

Ohhhh every time I look at the site, I found something new I want/love! Well, my friends I better get going, I have lots to do before heading out of town for this weekend. Like cleaning my house & tackling the insane amount of laundry that has piled up. But also have lots of sewing I want to I'm off to be productive! Plus now it looks like I better get to scrappin'...if ya know what I mean ;)

Have a lovely day!

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