Thursday, May 13, 2010

All About Books!

This week over at Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your's all about books!

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I love books! Especially children's books. My most favorite thing to do in the classroom is read books to the kids and I always look forward to the book fair each fall & spring. Here are a few of my favorite children books...

The Trumpet of the Swan was my most favorite childhood book. I remember my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Cody reading it to us like it was yesterday.

Good ol' classics

The Napping House is a super fun read aloud.

I really like Fancy Nancy because well I am Nancy & I am Fancy! ;)

And for grown up books...which is very rare I actually ever finish a book that I start. I guess I lose interest or A.D.D. sets in or maybe it is both. Ha!

Last summer I got hooked on these books & I actually read 3 in a row. Like couldn't put them down. I would even take them to the gym & read while on the treadmill. And stay up all hours of the night trying to see what would happen next. But my favorite spot to read was out by the pool. My mom is the one who told me about these books & she thinks they are hilarious.

Who knows...maybe I'll start reading them again this summer.

And Max Lucado is an amazing author. I did a Bible study last fall at his church & picked up this book at their bookstore. Fear has always been something I harbor and this book opened my eyes to so many things. It genuinely allowed me to let go of some of that fear & I keep it by my night stand and read it over & over. Often I just read a chapter here & there to help remind myself of God's promises - that fear is not of Him & why should I be fearful? Such a great book!


  1. Great PIcks! I love the Napping House! Happy Friday!

  2. everyone talks about max lucado and fearless, is it good, what is it about ...