Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Adventures

So tomorrow starts a new adventure. Summer is officially over and all teachers in this area will be reporting back to school.

But since last week was new teacher orientation, I got a started 3 days sooner. Last Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday were filled with information. More information than my little brain could take, actually. But I made it through and tomorrow starts teacher in service.

Woo-hoo...okay I'm only kidding. I am anxious, ready, terrified, and excited all in one. I will be the Life Skills teacher for grades 3-5. More than anything I am nervous about ALL the paperwork! But I am believing and praying God will give me all the tools necessary to do my best.

The funny thing is life skills has always been the job I never wanted to do but for some reason knew that is the job I'd end up getting. It's not because I didn't actually want to do life skills - it is just special ed in general scares me. I have always felt it took an extremely special person to do that kind of job & I guess I just never thought I'd be that person. I guess I just didn't feel I was equipped enough for the job. But God does know best and I am so thankful he has called me to be a life skills teacher. Throughout most of my time in San Antonio, I often would tell God - ok I am ready and where ever you want me to go, I will go! And I believe this is exactly where he wants me but at the same time I am so scared. I believe it is only natural considering this will be a new adventure for me in a new place. So far I could have not laid out better plans for my life regarding the way things have turned out this last month, so I am confident he IS the one who will carry me though this next school year.

As for new adventures...I have been trying to spend as much as my free time with AB. He has been working really long hours and so when I get a free moment I try to swing by "his office" to see him. This week they will start pickin' cotton! Which means 16 hours or so a day in the field...that makes me exhausted just thinking about it. But I already have plans to go out and ride with him and of course take pictures! :)

Here are few photos I've snapped w/ my phone while out in the field with him.

This is what plowing looks like my friends...

Other than that...I have been busy (super busy) with Honey B. Boutique orders, which is a great thing and busy getting prepared for the school year.

I feel so extremely blessed and stand in awe of God's amazing love. Hope you all have a fabulous week!


  1. Good Luck with the start of school! I know that you will do a very good job. Those kids are so lucky to have you! Tell AB to keep up the good work. Farming is a hard job. Take care & keep us posted on how your teaching job is going.

    {{{HUGS}}} from PA

  2. Nan, I am so proud of you and AB! Keep living the life of Faith, it will take you to some very special places in this life! I praise God that He delivered to you a man of faith!

  3. Happy start of school. I think teaching Life Skills is probably one of the most important classes now. I teach middle schoolers in Brooklyn, NY and I wish they had a Life Skill class.

    PS Love the pic of you and your sweetie to the right.

  4. Love your husbands "office!"!

    Good luck this year! You will do great! Like you, I keep saying I could NEVER do special ed. It takes a very patient, special person to do that job. God knows what He is doing - You will be great!! Good Luck!

  5. Hope you had a great first day of school! It looks like you guys are settling in well here in the Coastal Bend. Where are you teaching?