Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Today was my first day of school. My first day as a new teacher. My first day as a special ed teacher.

And my husband was so incredibly, sweet & thoughtful - he sent me flowers for my first day! I was so surprised and it was such a sweet surprise! He knew how nervous I was and he definitely made my day!

God keeps reminding me there is where I need to be and to TRUST him! Gosh, who knew trusting could be so difficult?

I was scared to death about my first day. But my one life skills student showed up and oh my heart melted. I will not meet my other kiddos until next week. Which thankfully because I feel so unprepared at this point. I will be working with my life skills student as well as pulling kids daily for resource. I am still very nervous about this year, mostly because it is uncharted area for me. But I am fully believing God has a MUCH bigger plan for me than what I can see.

So I will continue to seek Him first and now the rest of everything else will fall into place.

After school, I headed out to the fields to see my sweet husband! He needed eye drops & of course I wanted to see him so I could tell him all about my day.

While out there I managed to take a few more pictures...
My first day of school outfit :) yes, I wore 4in heels out into the field & on the tractor!
Gettin' ready to go to the next cotton field
BIG ol' bales of COTTON!!!

Hope all you other teachers had a FABULOUS first day back!!!

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