Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello Long Lost Friend

It has been way too long since I last blogged. A whole month! Where has the time gone? I apologize to all my faithful followers, the few that I do have.

School/work has been kicking my booty. And sewing has also kept me very busy! Honey B. is starting to take off...of course once I start working again. Isn't that how things always seem to work out? I can not believe October is almost here! October, November, & December are by far my most favorite months! Now that it is officially Fall, I wish the South Texas weather would reflect it.

In other news, we had lots and lots and lots of rain here over the last week or so. I am so over the rain at this point! We had lots of flooding and school was even canceled last Monday due to all the flooding. Rain day! I had all intentions of blogging that day but instead curled by in bed & watched movies instead :) haven't had one of those kind of days in forever it seems like. Here are a few pics from all the rain/flooding.

There's a field somewhere out there...
Below is the road that we live down
The other side of the road/intersection that we live on
Here is CR 1944, the road I take to get to work
Field on 1944
And thankfully we were done with harvest before all the rain/flooding started. The last 2 days the sun has been out & finally things are starting to dry out. Hopefully, the rain stays away and the cool weather comes to stay. Wishful thinking on my part but hey I can always hope.

I also got my Etsy shop back & running! Our website is also up & running! So things with Honey B. are going great...just wish I had more time to sew & play!

I promise to get better about keeping up with my blog...I really have missed it!!!


  1. Hello! Glad your back. I've missed you & your posts. I was just gonna write you on FB to see how school was going for you! Glad to hear that Honey B is doing good as well & your Etsy shop is up & running. Holy cow!in regards to all that rainfall. Please send some up our way. It has been bone dry up here & our well has finally run dry. :-(

  2. Oh no! I will gladly send the rain your way!! My father-in-law said today we've had around 20 inches of rain. So I am sending a note to the rain gods to send rain to you & not us :) & thanks I've missed you!