Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh Good Heavens!

How does the time go by sooo quickly?

I felt like I posted but yet I realize it has been 20 days!

Well, today is my birthday...

I was somewhat dreading my birthday this year but surprisingly it has been wonderful.

I love birthdays!!

I mean not just my birthday...but birthdays in general! I think everyone should feel so incredibly special on their birthday. And today I most certainly do!!

Thanks to my amazing friends & family!

Here is what my mother posted today on Facebook...

Good morning FB! This morning @ 9:46 in New Iberia, LA I gave birth to a sweet baby girl. She has been one of those blessing that you could never imagine but God chose us to have. We love you to the moon and back! Happy birthday Nancy!"

If that doesn't make a person feel loved, I don't know what will. I guess turning 28 isn't all that bad after all...

By the way I've gotten some pretty awesome birthday gifts so far but more than anything I'd LOVE an Aggie WIN tonight!!

Aggies don't let me down...BTHO Nebraska!!!

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