Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ours was filled with a ton of food, laughter, family, & fun. I love this time of year. This year we had Thanksgiving at my parents (which is what we normally do) and it was so nice to go home for a few days & just relax.

Turkey time

The Meador's know how to talk...

AB and I left on Wednesday and came home around noon on Saturday. Before we left that morning, I baked a buttermilk pie, a pecan pie, and a chocolate pie. They all turned out delicious! When we got to my parents, we ate & then opened my birthday presents from my parents. My mom got me this bag & she designed us a wedding book with all of our wedding photos. I just LOVED it! Can't wait to have a house & a coffee table to display it on.

Pioneer Woman's Pecan Pie - recipe to follow

My famous buttermilk pie

I was able to sleep in and enjoy just some much needed time away from school. But now it makes me so ready for Christmas break!! 5 days was just not long enough, more like a tease.

So school starts back tomorrow and we have only 3 weeks until Christmas break! Oh my! Which means Christmas is only 4 weeks away!

And while I am somewhat done Christmas shopping, I still have lots more to do. But as of now Christmas shopping is being put on hold...hopefully I'll be able to share why - very soon!

My cousin Lindsey & I modeling the knit hats I bought.

Before everyone arrived at my parents on Thanksgiving, I had my mom take a few photos of AB & I in hopes of maybe having a few for our Christmas card. I have been itching to get to Photoshoppin' & make up sample cards for my Etsy shop. But as of now there are just not enough hours in the day to get all the things done I'd like to get done.

Here are a few that we took.

Friday we went furniture shopping and I found lots of beautiful things. If only I had a blank check, ha! But we got a good idea of what we'd "like" to buy. And I finally got to have a Starbucks! Oh this country girl was so excited to be in the city! I really love the hustle & bustle of the city. Funny seeing how I live in a one-horse town. & Friday night I got to spend the evening & night with 2 very special people...Madyson & Maddox! They came over to spend the night & we had so much fun! Being an aunt is such a joy!

And oh my goodness...the BEST part of all!

The Aggies beat tu!!!!!! Oh what a stressful game but what a happy ending!!

I am soo proud of the Aggies...if they end up at the Alamo Bowl, my hubby says we'll be going. We shall see...

But now it is time to gear up for another week and get back into the swing of things...Christmas break will be here before I know it & I can't wait!

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