Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Recap

I haven't blogged about real life in a while so I thought I would.

We've had sickness going around our house.  First me, then B and daddy.  The weather has been the pits lately.  Cold and rainy with very little sunshine.  I'm normally a huge fan of winter (boots, scarves, big sweaters, and all the above), but I'll be honest I'm ready for some sunshine & a little bit of warmth.  I'm not completely ready for the south Texas heat though.

We had a low-key weekend, which is always great.  Especially when I look ahead to the rest of the month and the month of April.  It is jam packed, plum-full.

And so I can't even remember what we did Friday.  Ha, how sad is that?!  Guess is wasn't too exciting.  I probably went to bed early since I was still fighting a sinus infection and headache that would.not.quit.

Friday, I did have a Dr's appointment that morning and while I was waiting for the doctor- I thought to myself how sad is it that I'm enjoying the time by myself and the extra long wait.  Haha.  It was like a mom vacation!

Brady fell asleep on the way home.  Thankfully, he transfers easily to his bed for naps.  He slept for 4 HOURS and I caught up on Downton Abbey and The Voice!

Saturday, AB had to go into work for the morning so B and I hang out then went over to check on my mother-in-law.  She recently had neck surgery so we've been going over periodically to keep her company.

After lunch, AB came home and we took Brady out on the gator.  He insist that he will drive.  Driving to him is holding onto the steering wheel, looking out everywhere but ahead of him with his safety glasses on.  :) Fun times!

I even raced him by foot a few times.  He got a big kick out of it and I got a good out workout.

Then he wanted to go ride the tractor w/ his D.  So daddy took him to go ride for a bit, while I curled up on the couch and took a glorious nap!

I had an urge to try a new Pinterest recipe so I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get a few things I needed and went back to my in-laws and made this one pot chili mac and a fruit salad.  It was a hit!!

After B went to bed, we decided to check out what House of Cards is all about.  So we started season 1...we only watched the first episode so I haven't decided if I like it or not.

Sunday was the dreadful daylight savings time.  B and I didn't make it to early service, but we did get dressed and made it to Sunday school.  Daddy was already there for his men's service breakfast.  We took B to eat pizza after church then all came home and took a long nap!  Sunday naps are the best!!  We went back over to my in-laws for dinner and to visit for a bit.

And it's been raining ever since...for over 24 hours and our street looks like a river.  So today we're hanging out in our pjs, still trying to fight off sickness.  Happy Monday!  Hope your weekend was great!

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