Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Zoo Day

A few weekends ago (Feb 21st), we decided to make a little day trip to the zoo in Victoria.  It's only about an hour drive and we had never been before.  Brady was so excited!  I think we were all a little excited to do something different and spend time together - outside the norm.

We ate breakfast that morning then loaded up.  Brady looked at books, played with his trucks, while AB and I chatted.  We made it to the zoo around 10am.

We weren't sure what to expect since Victoria isn't a very big town.  But the zoo ended up being perfect!  We got to see lots of animals, mostly native to that area but we also saw a tiger, lions, alligators, monkeys, and lots of birds!

It isn't a huge zoo like the Houston Zoo we've been too.  But it was the perfect size for a 3 year old to walk and not get uninterested.  The animals were also really close so it was easy to spot them.  There were also lots of opportunities to stop and feed certain animals which B really enjoyed.

We spent about an hour and half at the zoo then headed across the street to The Pump House for lunch.  It sits right on the river and we ate lunch while overlooking the river.  The weather was perfect that day.  Other than a little brisk breeze, it was great for south TX.

The restaurant used to be an old pump house that they restored.  It was really neat.  And the food was amazing!  I'll go back to the zoo, just so we can eat there again ;)

He said the deer were his favorite! :)

My favorite was the tiger.  His paws were massive and just so majestic.  God truly creates some of the most amazing creatures.

Checking out the wild pigs.  And I just love my people.  They get me, they love me (despite my crazy), and they are just plain fun!

They even have a little train ride!  B was not going to miss out on a train ride...

Birds and peacocks...roaming everywhere!

After lunch, we went back to the zoo for a live animal show.  We got there late, but basicially they brought out different zoo animals and talked about them.  Brady lost interest after a few minutes so we just strolled back through the zoo one more time.  And spent more time checking out "Tony the Tiger!" :)

We left the zoo and headed to the nearest Chick-fil-a for some free coffee!  We're already planning and talking about our next fam-bam day outing.  But next time I think we'll stay somewhere over night!!

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