Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Costa Rica: Day 5 {Wednesday}

We made it to mid-week...thank you Lord.  Each day it seems we are moving slower and slower.  But still eager and excited to get to work.

We headed down for breakfast a few minutes past 6 thanks to the whole moving slower deal.  We had fried eggs, sausage, homemade tortillas, and delicious cafe again.  We had a guest come eat with us.  A pastor from one of the Methodist churches about 2 hours away.

Afterwards, it was time to head to work.  We loaded the van with more suitcases and off we went.  We stopped at a fruit stand on the way to get fresh fruit for lunch.  Plus Elias was really itching to get some fruit we can't get back home.

Some stayed in the van while others shopped.  The man from the fruit stand brought us samples to the van to try.  There were some very interesting fruits.  

I'm not sure what these are called but the top of these is where the cashew nut comes from.  Only one in each pod.  Mind blown!

Monica is in the blue shirt.  She's our lunch cook and she's a really good cook!
Elias treated us all to FRESH agua de pipa (coconut water) from the fruit stand - so yummy!! Much better than the store bought ones we tried last night.
We left there and had to make another stop.  Michele lost misplaced her sunglasses so we had to stop and get her some new ones.  Which she looks amazing in!!  Be sure you tell her when you see her wearing them.

Passion fruit and mango.  Passion fruit = very interesting!
Back on the road, we made our way to the store to drop off Monica & Becky.  Becky said the store was crowded and they had to take a number & wait to be called to check out.  Apparently, today is payday in CR so everywhere has been much more crowded than usual.  They get paid 2 times a month.

Finally, we arrived back at the children's home for work!  Ricardo and Junior were waiting for us to get started.  We got right to work making concrete to put into the blocks, then mud aka mortar.  Today was really overcast and somewhat chilly. 

We then tied rebar down and started adding mortar then blocks.  My job was to chip the blocks on the rough side so it would sit properly on the rebar.  I'm sure Junior was thinking he should have put someone on that job because he kept having to remind me to do the "rough side" - not the smooth.  I'll be honest, they looked the same to me - ha!!

We worked until 10 and took a break.  Michele and I wanted to walk to the soccer fields which is below the children's homes.  One of the little girls saw us and waved so we stopped and by there and got hugs instead.  We want to know Spanish so badly so we can talk with them.  But thankfully love is universal and the language really isn't an issue.  And look at this beautiful view on the walk down to the soccer fields.

At noon, we stopped work for lunch.  It was another delicious meal!  But the coffee was even better!!
The fried plantains - delicious!!  The main dish was meat & I thought was potatoes but it was squash.  SO good!

Once lunch was over, it was time to get back to work.  We have more than met our expectations for the week.  We have done double what they thought we might get done.  They are used to teams as large as 30-40.  So we are really proud of how much we have accomplished in such a short time.  We have now reached ground level, putting us at six levels high.  They anticipated we would have done 4 levels by Thursday, our last day but instead we've done six as of today!  We are superstars!!

We worked until about 3 or 3:30 and then stopped to go play with the kids since most of them are out of school on Wednesday afternoons.  But God had other plans because once we got all the toys cleaned, the rain started coming down.  We decided to put off playing today and plan tomorrow.  So please pray for NO rain!  We want to be able to take them outside and play soccer, jump rope, and just run and play.  
He was fixing David's socks.  He didn't like that they were up high :)

Singing songs with Elias

The kids were so disappointed that we didn't get to play with them today!  We took them little treats today to help make up for it and said "hi" to them.  Tomorrow, we plan to stop work at lunchtime and spend the rest of the afternoon playing and loving on the kids.

We made our way home in the rain.  So thankful for our driver, Javier to get us places safely.  We've all said there is no way we could drive here.  David says it's typically central America driving.  Once we got home, we had trouble getting the gate to front door unlocked.  It's always an adventure with us, but in all seriousness - our group meshes so well together.  We've all been super patient with each other, always encouraging each other, and the laughs just keep coming! 

We had dinner at 6pm and then devotion time.  We are all feeling the effects of our hard work.  We seem to move a little slower each day.  And at least one of us is carrying around some kind of pain reliever.  I forgot to take a picture of my plate before I ate and so I took a picture of what was left.  Tonight we had some kind of chicken (thighs & drumsticks) in a sauce, baked potato slices, teeny tiny green beans (with some kind of seasonings), salad, and pineapple.  Muraja fixed us some HOT cafe after dinner.  I can't get enough of the coffee here!!  

I'll be honest, I was hesitant about coming on a trip with people I didn't really know, but it has been so delightful!  God has truly met us in every way during this trip.  The picture below is the front of the Wesley House, where we are staying.  Sorry about the rain on the window, I was in the van when I took the picture.  Tomorrow will be our last work day.  Pray we are able to finish strong!  Tomorrow afternoon, we hope the rain holds off so we can play with the kids one last time.

Everyone, except Michele and I are already tucked in bed.   We are bundling up on blankets as tonight it is supposed to be 66* - right now at 9:24PM it's 70* out.  I think we've somewhat adjusted to all the noises (including the barking dog!), but tonight there's a soccer game at the stadium right up the road.  Seldom we'll hear cheers and the announcer.  They said it would cost $6 to get in the game.  I think we are all way too tired for that kind of fun tonight :)  I know I bed is calling my name!!

THANKS so much for following along on this journey.  It has simply been life-changing!!

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