Thursday, February 14, 2013

Green Chili Pork {a recipe}

I am hoping to be more consistent with menu planning.  Or at least blogging about it so I can look back when I need ideas for future dinners.  I had big plans of menu planning for the next TWO weeks!  I'm hoping to get all my recipes and ingredients listed so you might be able to "steal" some ideas. :)  I'm always looking for new, easy, and delicious recipes. 

Here's one I made Monday night and it was all of the above...

Green Chili Pork from Oh was delicious!  I was thinking as I put in together that morning, all of 30 seconds, how in the world does this not burn and how can it possibly have flavor with only green chiles and onion??  I'll admit I was skeptical more because there was no liquid.  Well some how the pork roast made it's own glorious liquid, which made the pork very moist.

Source: via Nancy on Pinterest

We made tacos with it, but there is still a ton more for other options.  Love a recipe where we can have dinner and then have other options for lunch the next day.  I was very impressed with this recipe!  Definitely a keeper!!

Let me know if you try it and what you think.

And Happy Valentine's Day!  Which I'm totally not a Valentine's day kind of gal...just not my thing, but hey each to his or her own.

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