Tuesday, September 23, 2008

West Texas Fun!

Aubrey watching the West Texas Fair Parade

Hugging little Miss Aubrey

Aubrey loves her baby sister!

Precious Shaylee Girl

On Friday, September 5th was not only my first day of substitute teaching but also was the start of one fun weekend. Mom had already decided she was going to Abilene for the weekend so I decided to go along for one to keep her company but also to see my sweet baby nieces, Aubrey & Shaylee. We had a great weekend and so much fun! It really was like a girls' weekend since Casey and Dad were bird hunting all weekend.

The West Texas Fair was kicking off that weekend and we got to take Aubrey & Shaylee to the parade that Saturday morning. I LOVE parades! They are like a childhood classic and bring back fond memories of the parades in downtown Wharton on the square. The joys & experiences of living in a small town. I had a wonderful time playing with little miss Aubrey. She is one funny little girl! And such a great BIG sister. Shaylee is such a good baby and oh so sweet! Aubrey helped me bake a cake...she loves cake! She says "cake!" haha, she gets her sweet tooth from her Daddy & her MiMi. She is a great helper and baker! And let's not forgot oh how she loves make-up. Ohh I think Casey & Jen might be in for it when she gets older. Haha! Aubrey and Shaylee are just precious and I'm so thankful for their sweet lil' faces! Here are just some of the fun photos from my weekend in Abilene...enjoy!

Nonni Loves Shaylee!

Already posing for the camera :)

Nonni let Aubrey do her own make-up that day...haha

Only 2 and already SaSSY!

Aubrey thought the Cool Whip was for her instead of the cake- look @ that face! Haha

Papa and Aubrey ready for bed!

“Be glad of life because it gives you a chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at stars." Henry Vandyke

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