Monday, March 23, 2009


So spring break is over and it's back to reality! Spring Break was great...did a ton of traveling, got to see so many people I love, just wish I had gotten a little more rest. Oh well, summer break is in 10 weeks and I can SLEEP then! :) I'm uploading photos from spring break...lots happened. I went to Abilene for the first weekend (rode up there w/ Kara, Madyson, & Maddox) for Miss Aubrey's 3rd birthday, then went to Belton to see my dear friend Shanna, then took Skylett to Houston and we went to the children's museum, then on Wednesday afternoon Allen and I headed South to stay with his parents until Sunday. Whew...what a week!! I was able to sew a bit (not as much as I had hoped but that's okay) because I did learn lots while I was in Odem with Mamu AND I got a NEW serger! I am so very excited! A serger will help tremendously when it comes to making clothes, can't wait to get it broken in and make some clothes! I promise to post photos soon of spring break.

Here is an outfit I made this past week.

The countdown begins: Allen's graduates in 8 WEEKS! and Summer break will be here in 10 WEEKS!

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