Sunday, October 10, 2010

Football & Date Night

Nothing scream Fall like football!

Friday, AB & I went to a high school football game. The Sinton Pirates took on the Rockport Fulton Pirates. We have not been to a high school football game in well probably close to 10 years.
We cheered on AB's ol' alma mater & I got to see some of my kids outside of school, which was fun! Sinton has a fairly good football team this year. But my goodness the kids look so small/young) I guess that means we are getting old! We ended up winning the game fairly easily.

We sat with his aunt & uncle - on the 50 yard line. Allen's cousin is a cheerleader so we got to see her cheer as well. Friday night football is such a big part of Texas & a tradition I remember as a kid. My oldest brother, Casey played high school football & I always had so much fun going to the football games on Friday night.
Can't wait for the day when I can take my kids to Friday Night Lights aka Friday night football.

Go Pirates!


Then Saturday, after the Aggies lost - we needed a little pick us up! So we decided to get dressed & head out for a date night. It has been months since we've had a date night. Our last one was before moved in July. So it was so nice to get out & enjoy each other. It seems that since we've moved, all we do is go, go, go. The days and weeks just fly by! I will admit there are times when I miss our slow life together in San Antonio. And I thought I would never be able to say that.

Amazing how God is constantly reminding me of a time that I absolutely hated and then makes me realize it really was not as bad as it seemed. Lately he has is constantly reminding me of where I was and where I am now & wow! Saying he loves me is an under statement - but more on that later.

AB and I headed to downtown Corpus for some seafood. I really love seafood - ok good seafood. We ended up getting 2 awesome appetizers. Some amazing fried, seafood stuffed whole jalapenos & then oysters on the half shell.

We both ordered way too much food and stuffed ourselves silly! Afterward, we took a walk down the pier/jetty then took a drive down Shoreline Drive and looked at all the big, fancy houses.

It was a much needed date night and I am so thankful for date nights & the man God chose for me, Allen B.

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