Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our weekend & our 1st guest...

This weekend was one, full of adventure & hard work.

And our very first over-night guest. My momma!

I took Friday off (yay! it's safe to say I am really ready for summer!) and waited for my mom to arrive. She has been wanting to come see our new house & finally got the chance to come. Which I am so glad she did. We needed her help, in a bad way.
Picking a wall color is harder than it looks.

She got here around noon on Friday, I gave her a quick tour then we headed to pick Allen up for some lunch. After lunch, we headed into "town" to look for an inspiration piece for our living room. Note - we live about 20-25 minutes from any kind of shopping.

We went to World Market, Pier 1, & Lowe's on the hunt for a rug. Our living room is huge. We either didn't find one we liked or it was too small. But I did find some that I did like & we ended up picking paint colors based on that. Thank goodness for a good camera phone.

I bought these curtains at World Market for the kitchen. We put in french doors going out to the backyard and I painted the kitchen a creamy yellow color so I thought they would look perfect.

My mom & I were comparing who has the best camera in our phone. She just got the new iPhone & I have an EVO. Neither one of us could agree ;)

After loosing our inspiration magazine or more like leaving it at Pier 1 and 2 trips to Home Depot & Lowes (mind you they are about 30 minutes away from each other) - we finally ended our night with 10 cans of paint, a nice dinner at Railroad & a few cocktails.

After we got home from dinner, we decided we'd go ahead & see exactly what the paint would look like on the walls. We ended up painting the bottom half of the walls.

Our living room has huge vaulted ceilings - making painting so much more fun!

At 1:30am, we decided to call it a night.

Saturday was a day of painting...lots & lots of painting!

We ended up going with this color on the walls...

Valspar Smoked Oyster - we used Behr paint though.

It is much more gray in person.

I love it! & it looks so good with all the bright white trim.

I still need to paint the ceiling.

We had a nice little lunch outside on our new patio furniture. Allen's parents got him patio furniture for his birthday. We love going outside to eat. Especially since we really don't have a dining room table at the moment.

Our delicious little lunch.

We spent the rest of Saturday painting until the wee hours of the morning. My mom left Saturday night with a list of "homework". Like they do on those HGTV shows, ha! She is planning to come back in the next few weeks to help us finish our living room. We still need to sand, prime, and paint the bookcases on both sides of the fireplace. And we are going to paint the fireplace. Yes, paint the brick! Right now it is a pink color brick & eventually we are going to cover with stacked stone but until then we are going to paint it to spruce it up.

Our house is already looking so different. So far we have ripped all the wallpaper done, textured the walls, removed paneling, added bead board in the dining room.

Sunday I woke up so sore! Painting is hard work!

Today I spent the day out & about. I met Nicki at the Country Peddler Show & finally bought this sign I've been wanting.

Because yay, I now have a place to hang it!

Afterward, I headed back into "town" to get a few things aka shop! I ended up buying some new shoes & went to the grocery store. These black spring shoes.

Now I just need a pedicure. Did I mention how ready I am for summer?!

This week will be a stressful week. We have one week until the TAKS writing test & I am just a bit freaked out. My kids just need more time! And we have a meeting with our superintendent this week, eek!

And Allen starts planting this week so he will be working long hours, which means we really won't get to see each other.

But Thursday night, I am going HERE so I am super excited about that!

Ahh, bring on Thursday & the weekend!

Hope you have a very blessed week!

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