Friday, March 15, 2013

14 Months

I better get this posted before he turns 15 months...

Brady, you are 14 months (almost 15) as of February 16, 2013.  You get sweeter & sweeter with each month that passes.  Here is what you are up to...

Size 4 diapers
8 or 10 teeth
Size 5-6 shoe
Weight 19lbs 2.5oz at your last Dr appt (2/28)

You are still nursing but we are working on weaning you.  You only nurse at night and in the morning.  I did let you nurse during the day when you were sick first part of March.  But tonight (3/15) was the first night EVER, I was able to just read to you and then put you down without nursing.  You didn't even shed a tear.  I asked you if you were ready for night-night and you said "ya", I put you in your bed (with a sheep figurine) and you didn't make a peep.  I'll admit it was rather sad for my momma heart.  You are becoming so much more independent, which I love and dislike because it means you are growing up!

You talk more and more all the time.  Currently, you can say "momma", "dadda", "papa", "dawwg", "meow", "bite", "eat", "chee" (cheese), "ya", "no", "baybee" (baby), "hi", "hey baybee", "We-no" (Reno), "nigh-nite", "side" (outside), "dri" (drive), "Nene" (Mimi), "Nanna", "oh!", "down", "done", "ba" (bath), "da", "nee-ne-ne" (when you go to drive a car/tractor), "kitty kitty"

You also love to sing and dance.  You often walk around the house singing "baybee baybee, bobby, baybee" and it is beyond precious!  We often have dance parties in the living room.

You are a CLIMBER! 
You love to climb on anything and everything.  You can climb on to the couch, recliner, rocking chair, and kitchen table chairs all by yourself.  I can't keep my eyes off you!  Thankfully, you are very sure footed.
You are starting to independent play, which makes my heart so happy.  You love to play in your room.  I often find you just playing in there or will hear you from there, singing, talking, and just being so delightful.  Books are becoming more of an interest.  You will sit and look at books for a good while during the day.  You also love to throw all your books off your book shelf and then say "oh!"  You love books with flaps or cut-outs, but your favorite is your tractor book.

And your a really good "helper!"

You are the SWEETEST boy ever!  You love to give hugs and kisses (open mouth kisses).  During the day, you will walk over and hug me or want us to pick you up so we can hug or give us kisses.  It is sooo sweet and precious!  You also give daddy kisses when he leaves for work and hugs when he comes home.  Reno also gets in on the loving.  You will chase him around wanting to hug & kiss him.  Warms my heart to see you be so sweet and loving.  I hope that never stops!

Even though you still nurse, you are such a good eater.  Eating us out of house & home lately!  Typically for breakfast you eat a scrambled egg, bacon, and toast or waffle/pancake with fruit or cheese.  For lunch, leftovers or grilled ham/cheese sandwich or chicken/cheese quesadilla, pasta, fruit, cheese.  For dinner, whatever we are eating plus normally fruit.  For snacks you love goldfish crackers or Annie's cheddar bunnies, string cheese, blueberries, banana with peanut butter, crackers with hummus, black olives, pickles, and cucumbers.  We give you whole milk (with chocolate in it) normally in the morning and during dinner.  We started during the chocolate to help with putting on weight & I think it might be working.  The rest of the time you drink water.  You tried fried fish for the first time this month at cousin Ace's birthday party.  Since then you've had it 2 other times and have had salmon.  We also tried peanut butter for the first time this month, which you loved!  And so allergic reaction, yay!  You also had your first hamburger...a Whataburger AND a Freddy's steakburger.  Yummy!!

Unfortunately, this month you also had your first real sickness.  The flu.  You also had your first busted lip and goose-egg on your forehead.  All in the same day.  :( so sad!  But neither really seemed to phase you.

SO thankful for modern medicine!  Perfect on the left was taken the same day as the one on the right.  After a trip to the Dr's office and a hefty Rx bill, you started feeling MUCH better!  Praise the Lord!

You have an incredible memory!  Like a steel trap, I say.  I took you to the new Petco ONCE to see the animals and then we went back a few days later.  As soon as daddy got you out of the car, you started "meow, mow" and "dog" like you remembered from the time before.  Cats are you new favorite animal.  You love to see pictures of them and "meow" when you see them.

B...we love you more than anything in this world!  We love watching you learn and grow!  You make each day better than the day before.  You amaze us everyday with what you say and do.  You are like a sponge, soaking up this big ol' world.  Life with you is such a delight!  You bring us so much joy and we pray everyday you will have a heart for Jesus and seek His will for your life.  We pray you to conform to His word and not this world.  We are SO proud of you and can't wait to see what kind of toddler you become.  This is such a fun age with you.  I never want to forget these days together!  I just wish time would slow down some...can't believe you'll be 15 months tomorrow!  We love you sweet boy!!!  And I am sooooo thankful God picked me to be your momma!

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