Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cousins at Texas State Aquarium

President's Day, which was February 18th I believe we took a little trip down to the Texas State Aquarium.  B's cousins were in town for the weekend and we took advantage of the holiday (for very few) and took them to see the fishies.

We got there shortly after it opened and since most people were working/in school, it was practically empty.  Except for the slew of kids on a field trip, but we just avoided whatever area they were in.
Can you find the seahorses?!

This was Brady's first time to the aquarium.  He seemed to really like the aquarium part when we went to the zoo in November so I thought he'd love it.  Well, I wouldn't say he loved it.  He more liked than loved it.

But we still had a really good time!  And J & E were great with Brady.  Such great helpers!

Brady did love the dolphin area!

Love the next series of photos.  Dolphins are simply amazing!


 There he/she goes...
Looks like someone had a fun time...love him!

What a fun way to spend the morning with your cousins!

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