Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Homecoming - Small Town USA

Last Friday was Homecoming in our small little town.  Homecoming in Texas is a pretty big deal.  Early release, parades, bonfires, and of course mums the sizes of Texas.

And I'm not referring to mums, as in the plant.

Image courtesy of Texas Barbee Doll
B isn't old enough to participate in the homecoming mum phenomenon but he is to old enough for the parade.  It had been raining off & on all day and I was hoping it would not be cancelled.  As soon, we parked it started raining but it only lasted a few minutes.  We hurried to get a spot to watch the the sweltering humid after-rain air.

It was hard to get a good picture of him since I was having to hold him - in fear he'd ran out into the street.  He loved waving to everyone that came by!  But he's favorites were the floats with music, a tractor pulling a float, and the sucker he got as they threw out candy.  My phone froze up when the tractor came by :-/ so sadly I wasn't able to capture that moment.

I don't think Brady really knew what to think at first but he LOVED it!  Skipping nap-time was real worth it!  Welcome to small town USA!

Oh how I love that boy!!!  And parades!

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