Monday, April 7, 2014

Park, Birds, and Water

 Today, I randomly decided let's go to town.  Daddy had forgotten his lunch on the counter so I thought it would be a good excuse to get out of the house and deliver him his lunch.

Notice "cabin fever" has I said in my previous post.  I am normally a homebody and have to drag myself out of the house, but not lately.  I'm sure B appreciates it, poor thing is probably bored to death with me. ha!

After a quick trip to daddy's office and trip to Sonic for daddy and The Corner Bakery for me...we headed to a park on Ocean Drive.

As we were pulling into the park, B tells me with excitement in his little voice, "ohhh yea the park...I love it momma!"  I laughed and said well then that makes it all worth it!

He loved looking for "goldfish" and I so enjoyed just being by the water and listening to the waves.  It's these kind of days/moments that make my heart so full.  Fresh air really does wonders for me, ha!

Love this sweet boy so very much!  I am loving his independence but still has a need for momma.  His little mind is always working and totally cracks me up some of the things he comes up with.  Turned out to be a gorgeous day for the park!  So glad I made a random decision to get out of the house.  Please excuse the 2 day old hair and no make-up...just keepin' it real! :)

We played, ran, climbed, climbed some more, and then took a break by the water.  After we chased a few sea gulls...he would run up to them and say, "Hi bird, how are you?" then when they would start to run off, he would tell them "go faster, go faster!"  Love!!!  He also liked to tell me on the playground, "no momma go away!"  I guess when you're two, it's not cool to have your mom with you....such a funny boy!

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