Thursday, May 22, 2014

B's Books: Current Favorites

We have acquired quite the book collection for B. since we found out we were pregnant.

There for a while it seemed we read the same books all the time, without exploring the other ones on the shelf.  Mostly out of pure laziness on our part.  We would pick the books that were closet to the nightstand or rocking chair to read.  At the beginning of the year, I decided to try a new thing to help in reading all the books we have.  We pick 3 books (mommy, daddy, & B. each picks one) each night to be read.  This system works out perfect for us and it's great for rotating the 568 books we have.

But of course, there are still favorites.  If it's a favorite, it normally gets read throughout the day multiple times, goes in the car with us, or stays out wherever B. is playing so he can look through it himself.  Here are currently some of his current favorites:

Roadwork by Sally Sutton - We've read this one 100 times.  Brady picked this one out himself one day at Barnes & Nobles.  It details how a road is made in sequence order, and has fun rhyming and "sound words" at the end of each step.  It is colorful, and just fun!  Perfect for any construction/tractor loving kid!  I just bought Demolition the other day so we are now mixing it with up with that one.

Tiger Can't Sleep by S.J. Fore and R.W. Alley - I happened to find this one in some of my old teaching stuff.  This has quickly become a favorite!  It's about a tiger that can't sleep.  Obviously ;) He lives in the boy's closet and has a hard time going to sleep.  He plays the tuba, clicks the light on & off, bounces a ball, and the list goes on in order to finally get to sleep in bed with the boy.

Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton - We love all off the Boynton board books!  But this one is a current favorite, probably because it's the newest one to our collection.  This one gets read sometimes 3 and 4 times in a row.  Brady cracks up at every single "oops!"  It is such a simple book, but for some reason so very funny!  And at only $3.30 on Amazon, it is a must have!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff - This classic read aloud is about a mouse who wants a cookie, then milk, then a broom to clean up his mess, then a nap, and the list goes on.  It actually reminds me of myself throughout the day.  It's one thing, one thing leads to another, and then another...a never-ending process.  We have the Christmas version of this one also.  There are several versions of this book that I'm sure as time goes on we'll add to our library.

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman - Can't go wrong with this classic board book.  Brady loves to ask each of us after we read it, "are you a snort/cow/doggie?" then tell us "oh there's my mother/daddy!"  It is a sweet little story of a bird who gets out of his nest and goes looking for his mother.  This is another cheap one (under $3) that you won't regret adding to your child's library!

These last few aren't really read alouds but more just fun, semi-informative books that B. happens to love and looks at over and over.  And perfect for in the car!

First Look and Find Mickey Mouse Clubhouse On the Go - When out and about, I try really hard not to get toys as a "treat" but rather he gets to pick out a book.  We picked this one out at Wal-Mart when he was into "mouse."  He still watches Mickey Mouse every once in a while but he still enjoys this book.  It has a list of things on the side of the page that you are supposed to find. He has pretty much mastered that part and basically just tells us what they are, instead of us asking him.  So now we ask/find other things that aren't listed. He loves to find "Pete" in the scenes and thinks "Goofy" is just too funny!  He now has a Doc McStuffins version of this book that he got in his Easter basket.  These are great for in the car, on long road trips.  Lots to look at!

These truck books by Roger Priddy have been worth every penny.  They are board books but they have been read/looked through so much the board corners are starting to fray.  I got both of ours from Sam's Club.  They are perfect for my truck/tractor loving little boy!

I have a huge Amazon wishlist of books that I keep adding to.  I love that B. loves to read and ask several times a day to read.  I hope his love for reading is like his daddy's and never ceases.  Because I'll be real honest, I am sadly not an avid reader.  I'd much rather sleep!  :)

With that being said...what are some of your favorite children's books? 

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