Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Free Food & Music

Whataburger is giving away FREE food & spreading holiday cheer by having the 12 Days of Whataburger!

Sign up for free food HERE! They will send you an email every other day with a coupon for something free. I signed up yesterday and today received a coupon for a free medium fry for tomorrow.

I recently started working out (okay really started yesterday) but I am doing a 25 day challenge before Christmas in hopes of becoming healthier before the new year starts, instead of waiting until the new year. I have never kept a New Years resolution and I don't see this New Years being any different. We are also trying not to eat out and save money. And while, I was very excited to get my free medium free coupon and thought oh a free fry (which I don't need nor do I need to spend money on the remaining part of the meal...I mean more will-power to you if you can eat ONLY a "free" medium fry at Whataburger, I know I can not) but as I got dressed to run errands I decided I would use the free coupon and I would spend the extra few dollars on a meal. But on a meal for someone who is less fortunate. I never realized or never really paid attention to how many homeless people there are until we moved to San Antonio. You just don't see "beggars" next to the overpass in College Station. While I do not know their story or why they are there holding a sign, seeking help - I do know that God loves them just the same as He loves me! And maybe by me giving them a free medium french fry coupon and $5 to complete their meal - they too will feel the love that God has for them.

Just when I want to give something of myself and when I think our bank account won't allow...God makes a way! Thank you Whataburger for free food & allowing me to spread holiday cheer "God's Love" to someone I probably otherwise would have over-looked.

And Shaun Groves is also giving away FREE music! Okay, it's only one song but it's a very powerful song & it's free to download. Only one song...well, how could this not be anymore perfect with my idea with my free Whataburger food/coupons. I ran across this free song, downloaded it, listened to the song, liked the song, then I decided to look more into the song. Well...here is what Shaun says about the song:

"The kingdom is good news for me because it means the days I have let on earth don’t
have to be spent waiting to die and get to heaven, but instead they can be lived in such a
way that heaven comes through me and gets to earth. Every day, every talent, minute,
dollar, relationship - it’s all purposed. It’s all a gift to be spent bringing the kingdom,
doing God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.
Jesus said the kingdom is also good news for the poor (Luke 4:18,19). "The bible is full
of exclamations of God’s concern for the poor, his desire for them to be treated justly
(Proverbs 19:7) and mercifully (Proverbs 18:23), for His people to give them equality
(2 Corinthians 8:3-14).

To the rich lacking purpose and the poor lacking hope, this is good news.

Shaun also says "The song is free, but it could cost you everything. I hope its words inspire you to live more simply so that others can simply live."

Gosh, He NEVER ceases to amaze me with His mercies, His blessings, His grace, and His love! Free has a whole new meaning to me...

Let your kingdom come
‘Til the rich ones give
And the poor ones live
‘Til the weak are strong
Let your kingdom come...

Mercy come, justice come
Healing come, peace, Lord, come
Mercy come, justice come
Your will be done through us on earth
-Kingdom Coming lyrics

Hope you enjoy the 12 Days of Whataburger, free food, and the free song! May your days be as bright as His love for you is!

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  1. VIOLETA ~ Romania ~December 2, 2009 at 4:20 AM

    My sweet friend ,

    what a beautiful words ,thank you so much again, for you support and please write me about you when you have time.
    JESUS is the reason for Christmas, becouse HIS love we have this joy in our hearts in this wonderful season !!!!!
    sweet blessings , Violeta