Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautiful, the mess we are!

So it's a new week & I am rather excited. For what? I'm not sure...because it's a beautiful day outside & I just think this spring is going to bring great things to us!

AB & I had a fabulous weekend. Lots of relaxation & just hanging favorite! AB has Friday afternoon offs & that is our day to spend just us two. Friday is also "Fried Rice Friday!" We have a local Chinese restaurant that I just fried rice & egg rolls ever! Well, in my opinion anyway. So when we aren't rushing out of town for the weekend, we always hit up Tai Pei for "Friday Rice Friday!" I get the same thing every time...egg drop soup, special fried rice - no shrimp & egg roll. So yummy! That is one thing about moving to SA is that AB & I get to spend more time with each other more than ever before & I truly cherish those moments.

Friday afternoon, we decided to check out the SA Botanical Gardens. And I am so glad we did! It was just beautiful & serene. AB learned in his Masters program that it is a proven scientific fact that flowers/nature/green spaces make you happier! I couldn't agree more. We were about 3/4 way through and I told AB, this place just makes me HAPPY! We ended up getting a year long membership, which allows us to bring up to 6 guests at a time. How fun! So anyone that comes to visit us, we'll be hitting up the Botanical Gardens. I promise you won't be disappointed. And I don't even consider myself an outdoor or flower kind of person but I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had to get back quickly so AB could watch the Aggies BTHO Utah State! We won't even discuss the game on wasn't a good afternoon at our house.

SA Botanical Gardens

Saturday, we planned to take a day trip to Fredericksburg but the weather decided to put a damper on those plans. Saturday was cold and rainy! The sun later to decided to show its face but it was still too windy & cold to go. So instead we went to Helotes to have a hamburger at Bobby J's. And OH. MY. Hands down best hamburger I have ever eaten! That is also another place, if you come to visit you must experience. It was our 2nd time to eat there & it was just as good if not better than the 1st time. I'm a little upset I didn't take a picture of the burger, ha! Afterward, AB took me to the little antique shops in the old part of Helotes. Well, more like I shopped while AB sat in the truck. He walked into one store & turned around & went back to the truck. Ha! I love that man...he later told me "there was way too much old junk in there for me!" But thanks babe for taking me & patiently waiting for me while I shopped.

Sunday, AB went to church without me because I wasn't feeling well. Or more like didn't very well so he let me sleep in while he went to church. Such a sweetie! Later we went to Sam's Club to get our membership that AB's parents gave us back in December...and shop, of course! Woohoo! Sam's was fun! AB was excited about the big ol' pack of Velveeta shells & cheese. I was excited about the 2 pack of white vinegar for only $3. I use a lot of vinegar for household cleaners & in laundry. There were so many things I wanted but well...didn't need OR really my waist/hips/booty/all of the above DO NOT need!

I posted last week about my new schedule...well we also have a new weekly menu in our house. If I am not prepared. Then well dinner doesn't get prepared. Which then leads to eating out...Which then leads to all kinds of bad things. So I will now do a weekly menu AND get this, follow it! That's the key to success here, right?! So below is the new Beyer weekly menu with a shopping list at the bottom. That way I can take this to the store...see what we're having for the week & buy strictly off this list. So good - okay today is only the first day but I do feel good about this. And excited to finally have some order in my life. This week are all NEW recipes so if they turn out, I will post the recipes.

On my way home from the grocery store this morning...I heard the new Amy Grant (who doesn't love Amy Grant?!) song on K-Love & wow! Amy Grant's voice is so heavenly and this song was like a "breath of fresh air" to me. This part really tugged at my heart.

"We pour out our miseries...God just hears a melody. Beautiful, the mess we are...the honest cries of breaking hearts...are better than a Hallelujah."

Beautiful, the mess we are! Oh...only makes me want to only pour my heart out even more to Him - knowing that He loves me just as much as when I'm crying out to Him as He does when I'm singing praises to Him. I love it...and I hope this song also blesses you today!

Happy Monday, sweet friends!

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