Thursday, March 18, 2010

Because I Can...Drift Away

SIGNS of SPRING!! This makes this girl - so happy!

Photos taken by yours truly! I know my hubby would be so proud of me :)

Today is day 2 of my schedule & so far so good. I worked out yesterday morning & this morning with AB - yay! Just maybe I'll get back to being day, or maybe not because I love food way to much!

Just this morning I was thinking how good does red velvet cake sound?! Luckily for me & my scale...baking a cake is NOT on the schedule. Gotta love the schedule! Actually I know it's only been really 1 day and a few hours but the schedule I think is really helping in keeping me organized & well more clear-headed. AB and our fur-babies think that's a very good thing! Ha, imagine that?!

My house is still somewhat a mess from getting back into the swing of things. Being out of town the last 4 weekends has done no wonders for my house keeping. Lots of laundry, unpacking (seems like I can never get all of our things unpacked!), organizing, & my gosh the mail. Am I the only one who has papers that you aren't sure what to do with?! I need to get a better system in place. Between our personal mail & Honey B. Boutique mail - it's just out of control. My lil' shredder can't take that much paper in one sitting - okay probably my fault, since I let it pile up. Opps! Hence the reason why I am now on schedule...oh the joys of being responsible!

There is this BEAUTIFUL crape myrtle ***correction - my landscape architect husband informed me this was NOT a crape myrtle, it is a Texas Redbud*** blooming in our complex. None the less, I think it is such a beautiful tree & when we have our own yard, I want several because they are just too pretty! I decided to test out my photographer skills & capture its beautiful blooms & because I can...I created a new lil' label for my photos in Photoshop! Watch out!!

Actually I wish I could do so much more in Photoshop...slowly I am going to teach myself :) kind of like this photo. Let's just say I "churched" it up a bit! The original photo looked nothing like the one above. One day I hope to be a PS pro, just like my hubby!

Well, it's a gorgeous day in San Antonio, Texas & I'd love to chat some more but I better get going...I have LOTS of sewing to do but thankfully I have a big ol' window to let the warm sunshine in.

But before I go...

And because I MISS my dad who has been working overseas in the island since first of January & won't be home for another 6 weeks...I want to leave you with this song! And if you want to listen to like my dad then "crank it up!" & sing along...

Dad, we miss you & love you! Can't wait for you to come home!!!

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