Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seafood Sensation

This happens to be one of Allens' favorite lunch request. You used to be able to get a "Seafood Sensation" sandwich at Subway - not sure when they decided to do away with it & I think it still might be available in certain locations. Allen was definitely a fan. He used to tell me about how gooood the seafood sensation sandwich at Subway was - well I'm a turkey kind of gal & not one to venture out much so I can't say that I've ever had it. But I thought we'll surely it can't be that hard to make...well I searched a few crab recipes, made it & it was a hit! Allen request it almost weekly for lunch. It's super easy & delicious IF you like imitation crab & mayo...if not well then you'll probably just want to skip this post/recipe. This recipe isn't exact you can add/change according to your taste. I never measure; just keep adding until it taste delicious to your liking.

Seafood Sensation

6 oz imitation crab - chunk or flake style (12 oz
package can be found near the seafood section)
1/2 half cup to 1 cup mayonnaise of your choice (I use Hellmann's Light)

1-2 chopped green onions
1 tablespoon sugar
Nature's Seasoning to taste (love this stuff & has NO MSG)
Dill (fresh or dried) to taste
Black pepper to taste

I normally rough chop the crab then add remaining ingredients. I add mayo until I get the consistency I like (similarly to tuna fish). Seasonings - I add a few "shakes" of each. Serve on whatever bread you like or with crackers. Makes 2 servings or sandwiches.

Super easy & even better the next day!

The remaining crab can be frozen for the next time you want to make Seafood Sensation or use the entire 12 oz if you wish to make more - increase other ingredients as needed. I do not add salt because Nature's Seasoning has salt in it. If you have never used Nature's Seasoning, it's a great all purpose seasoning for chicken, fish, and vegetables. I use it in my tuna fish as well. You could also add red onion to this recipe if you like. Add or mix in whatever you like!

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