Sunday, January 23, 2011

For the love of cake...


That is...

We got some-what of not so good news on Friday & I have been so good in trying to lose weight. Saturday AB & I decided we needed to get out & just enjoy each other, like the ol' days!

Friday, Dillards delivered our new KING size bed & we needed king-size sheets for that baby. So Saturday, we headed to Corpus for new sheets, pillows, & just a day of together-ness.

Before we headed into town, I decided I wanted CAKE! But seeing how a whole cake in my house would do me no good, I thought hmm what about cupcakes?!

Seems like there is a cupcake craze going on & Corpus now has 2 cupcake shoppes. I decided we should taste-test both! And so that we did...

Our first stop - LollyCakes! What an adorable name! They had regular size cupcakes & mini's. I loved the mini's. It allowed us to try several cupcakes & not feel too guilty about it.

My favorite one - 24 carat CAKE!

It was so moist & had big chunks of pineapple in it, yum!

This lil' chocolate beauty was really good too! It was chocolate & hazelnut (2 amazing combos) topped with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate on top! Yum-O!

We also tried red velvet, a peanut butter chocolate one (that AB said was good!), and

Lolly Cake also was so adorable inside. Lots of crystals, cute cupcake names, & just overall a great little cupcake shop. After we tested Lolly Cakes, we headed to Academy to get some workout clothes. Ha, ironic?!

Then we headed to our 2nd cupcake shop - The Cupcake Shoppe.

Allen had this one...a chocolate/vanilla marble type cake.

And I had the PINK one!

Meet PINK Lemonade!

The cake itself was delicious and very moist. But the butter-cream icing was wayyy too sweet! The atmosphere was not near as charming as LollyCakes.

And I had a tummy ache afterward & a self-induced sugar coma.

Lollycakes would be a perfect girls night out to just sit & chat & eat CAKE of course!

What a great way to spend a Saturday!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. The cupcakes look way too tasty. I would have eaten a ton!