Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 & Giving God a Year

So 2010 has came & gone. And believe it or not, I am actually kind of bittersweet about it. Funny since at the beginning of 2010, I wasn't real sure how the year would go or end up.

Yes I understand that is with most years...a lot can happen in a year & most of the time you have no idea where you might be headed.

I remember when 2010 rolled around I was so happy to be in a new year. I was ready to leave 2009 behind. 2009 was a year of trials. But 2010 was a year of great strides.

I can almost not even put my thoughts into words.

This last year I have been transformed in a way that I cannot even describe. But I can tell you that I know have a sense of joy in my heart that I've never had. & that my friends is something that only God can do.

At the beginning of 2010, I wrote a post about Giving God a Year - I had no idea when I wrote that how different my life would become. How my heart would be transformed & I would look at life in a totally different way.

In desperation and heartbreak, I decided that I would not make the same mistake again therefore I decided that it was time to let go & let God...which leads me to where I am today.

2010 was a whirlwind of decision making but AB & I for the first time ever decided to put our total faith & confidence in the Lord. We seeked Him like never before. Asking, begging, pleading to show us where it is He wanted for us to, rather than what we wanted.

In 2010, I learned so much about myself. I learned I am worthy! I learned I am loved! I learned to never give up!
I learned that it is okay to be venerable. I learned to saddle up & go for it regardless of my fears. I learned to listen rather than speak. I learned God never turned away even when I did.

I also felt His grace and mercy like never before!

In 2010, AB & I prayed for God to open doors and shut the ones that were only chaos instead of peace. We started praying for our future, a future for His kingdom rather one for our own.

In January, a dear friend graciously handed me $3000 cash in order to pursue my dreams of having my own boutique, Honey B. Boutique.

I was in complete shock and felt it was God's way of showing me "You are loved!"

In January, I also said goodbye to my cousin John. It was a very sad day/time.

In February, we celebrated Allen's birthday. And also said goodbye to a wonderful family friend, Darrell. Our hearts were broken once again.

In March, we lost Allen's grandmother. And I discovered that a drought or valley was not so much a bad thing, but God's way to "breaking up the fallow ground."

We decided this was no way to start off the new year but we remained hopeful.

Here is what I wrote in a post during this time and wow -

It seems when it rains, it pours...isn't all that bad, after all. Rain often brings dark, cloudy days but the best thing about when it rains, we know the sun will soon appear. And when it does, there will be showers of blessings and we will be refreshed, just as the ground is refreshed after a much needed rain. I love that the Hosea scripture says "break up your fallow ground..." not the follow but your fallow ground. And I think He is essentially saying "break up your dry, unused soul...and prepare for what is the Lord has in store for us"

In April or around that time, I did my first ever Beth Moore Bible study. Revelation. What a one to start with but I believe it was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. It opened my heart & mind so much.

My darkness finally started to turn to light
. I began to realize "the valley" I was going through was all for His purpose & will in my life. That it is okay to be in "the valley" and there is where you grow the most. I learned that God never said life would be easy but that it would be possible - through Him.

I begin to let Him work in me & through me. I let Him carry me, instead of me trying to do it all.

July came & God opened a huge door for us. I got an interview for a teaching position, a week later accepted the position, and we started planning our move to AB's hometown.

AB gave his 2 weeks notice and God opened another huge door for us. AB's job decided to keep him employed full-time and he would now work from home. 2 hours away from his office. A HUGE blessing financially. We would now have 3 incomes when we were barely getting by on 1.

We made the move in late July & have been working towards our dream of buying a house. Saving money & paying off debt was our top priority.

In August, I had my very first day of school as a special ed teacher. Extremely nervous but completely trusting that God hands were all in the mix.

Seems like from September to December time just raced by. I hate to look back & didn't get to blog near as much as I'd liked. But there is always a new year & new goals...

2010 you were pretty good to us but I am so very excited about 2011!

Once again, we will be giving 2011 to our Wonderful Creator & giving Him another year to work in our hearts & lives.'s all about you Jesus! I pray we will continue to be humbled by your grace and that you will show us a life that we could not even dream of but a life of what you have to offer. I pray we will only bring our best to you, even though I know we will stumble may we not forget what this life is about - it's all about you Jesus.

I hope you & your family have an amazing 2011!

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