Monday, June 13, 2011

Beach Day

Madyson, Maddox's trip to Nonnie's continued...

Saturday, we loaded up & headed to the beach. We took the ferry across to Port A went to a few of the shops I could get me a floppy hat & then got sno-cones! Yum! I discovered Tiger's Blood (coconut + strawberry) with cream is my favorite! It was so good! Madyson & Maddox couldn't believe I'd really drink tigers blood, ha! We then headed to the beach, found a spot & parked for some fun in the sun.

We got front-row parking on the ferry!
Kara couldn't get over all the RV's on the ferry.

Dead crab

Deciding if they should pick up the crab.

It was HOT! & I am not much of a person so I was proud of myself for taking them! Madyson was not leaving without going to the beach.

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