Thursday, June 16, 2011

That's what I like about Texas

Beware pictures galore...

Maddox's breakfast taco from Soto's...he LOVED it!

The last night they were here, we went all out for dinner - to the Texas stop sign, Dairy Queen! The city came to the country, haha! When you live in Houston, you just don't have the pleasure of eating at Dairy Queen like we do. We eat at Dairy Queen almost every Sunday after church. It's just what you do when you live in a small town.

Madyson had a steak finger basket, one of my personal favorites. Maddox had a chicken sandwich basket. Kara had the nachos salad deluxe - another one of my favorites. And I had a Dude, it was delicious! Was the first time in years (probably a good 10 plus years) that I'd tried one.

And of course, you can't go to DQ without getting ice cream!

Apparently, we were boring to Maddox since he decided he would watch a movie ;) Allen says he doesn't blame him, ha!

I thought we might get kicked out because Madyson & Kara were being so SILLY! Madyson saw this over-flowing trash can & thought it was hysertical. She even said, "look, it looks like an ice cream cone (the shape)!" Oh to be 6 again and to have that kind of imagination.

Here are some more pictures from their time while at Nonnie & Uncle Allen's

Maddox going head first down the slide.

One night I walked in to find this...Maddox on the iPad, Madyson on her DS, & Allen on his phone with Reno & Coco of course. Too cute!

Madyson & her Nonnie - LOVE!
Maddox wouldn't take a picture with me before they left. I can't believe how big this sweet girl has gotten! Hard to believe she will be 7 in a few weeks!

I know it's blurry but Kara sent me this while on their way home. Madyson was crying and already saying how much she missed Nonnie & she wanted to go back to Nonnie's! Just breaks my heart!

Kara sent me this photo the next morning after they went home...Madyson slept in till noon. Guess she was worn out from all the fun at Nonnie's!

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