Saturday, November 19, 2011

35 Weeks

How Far Along: 35 weeks
Size of baby: size of a honeydew melon, just over 5 lbs
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +17.5
Gender: It's a BOY!!! Brady Allen
Maternity Clothes: Dress pants/capris (pants are getting a little tight) & dresses, tunics with leggings - my favorite
Movement: yes! sometimes I wonder what he is doing in there
Sleep: is an ordeal...I get up several times a night
What I miss: being able to sit, lay comfortable & just being able to move around easily
Cravings: ice water - ice chips
Symptoms: feet are starting to swell, stopped up nose, difficult breathing at times, I cry easily, ha!
Best Moment this week: I had to go get blood-work done & while I was in the elevator a lady asked me when I was due, I told her Dec. 23rd. She replied "oh a Christmas baby, how fun!" She then asked if I knew what I was having & I said yes a boy! & then another guy with a dolly, says "Oh enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast! You'll look up and he will be 17."
By this time, the elevator doors were opening on the first floor & I had to hold back tears as they let me go first & said, "congrats & best of luck!" I was so overwhelmed with joy, realizing that people I didn't even know cared so much about my unborn child. Amazing how God shows me His love in the most unusual of places! I can't wait to meet our precious baby but on the other hand, I'm trying to savor every last few weeks of this pregnancy. It has truly been amazing!

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