Friday, November 25, 2011

Thank You, Aggieland!

I hope you are all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!

My parents came in Wednesday evening, so we are enjoying our time with them. They are helping us with lots of last minute things we need to do before baby comes (such as washing baby clothes, painting our bedroom, sewing curtains, & the list goes on...).

We did host our very first Thanksgiving yesterday in our very first home. It was lovely! But I forgot to take pictures...ahhh.

We also watched the Aggies attempt to beat the hell outta t.u. Yes, we were unsuccessful - partly due to the horrible calls made by the refs. Let's just so I am so THANKFUL to be leaving the Big 12 conference & moving onto bigger & better the SEC!!!!!

I know next year or years may be a little rough but I am so excited to now be apart of the SEC - best conference ever, right?!?!

Either way...I am so thankful to be an Aggie - win or lose. And here is a music video that our very good friends Britt Lloyd & Bradley Charanza produced...reminding us why Aggieland is so very special!

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