Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grand old Flag...July 4th

You're a grand old flag, you're high flying flag and forever in peace may you wave!  I had that song in my head all day on the 4th...

We celebrated the fourth of July at AB's aunt and uncle's house, which is out on farm headquarters.  AB spent the day harvesting, while Brady and I spent the day at home in the A/C.  It has been so hot here!!!  But actually that evening it was pretty nice outside.  Not too humid and a nice breeze.

We attempted to get a picture of Brady in front of the flag...a lot easier said, than done.  Ha!

That day I decided to throw together/make a 4th of July outfit for B.  Our little firecracker!

I took an old quilt that we laid on the grass so Brady could be free to roam around.  Made it a little hard for us to eat but worked out great for him.  There was also kids outside playing soccer which he loved watching. 

We had fajitas, rice, beans and lots of yummy desserts!  We left shortly after the sun went down.  The mosquitoes were in full force by then and fireworks and babies just don't mix.  But we did have a great time celebrating this wonderful country we live in.  We are so blessed to live in place where we have so many freedoms, especially the freedom to worship!  Our 4th was pretty laid back and relaxing, I hope yours was too!


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